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Expand outdoor decor to new variety with weathervanes for the garden, rooftop or deck. This selection features estate, standard size and miniature weathervanes to suit a range of displays. Different mounting options include garden weathervanes on a yard pole, deck mount and rooftop brackets. The preferred mount is easy to choose online when placing an order.

Garden weathervanes come in a range of styles across themes like animals, sports, hobbies and seasonal depictions. Depending on the style, different material or finish options may apply like polished or blue verde copper. For more information, click on weathervanes below to view product details and pricing. Browse our site for more garden decorations for sale!

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Decorate outside with garden weathervanes in catchy styles and different sizes. From decorative miniature weathervanes with a quaint appeal, to estate-size weathervanes for grand rooftop displays, the addition of these outdoor apparatuses makes a charming statement.

When ordering our garden decorations for sale, customers may choose from various mounting options to create garden weathervanes that mount on poles in the yard, on rooftops or along the deck. Each of the weathervanes we supply comes with mounting included in the purchase price although some options may vary per style and size. To view options for a particular style simply click on the product and use drop-down menus to select the preferred mounting hardware.

Weathervanes range in scale beginning with the largest estate-size, then the standard, and finally the miniature weathervanes. For rooftop mounting the estate and standard-sizes are best as their scale better suits viewing from afar. Miniature weathervanes are well suited to garden and deck display. By clicking on individual products our customers can view weathervane dimensions to determine appropriate sizing for a project scale.

Use garden weathervanes to liven up a home exterior while expressing your family's personality. These products are fashioned after a range of themes and hobbies. For the outdoorsy family, there are garden weathervanes that cover hunting, fishing, hobby farming, and even costal themes. Animal lovers will find birds, horses, bears, whales and more. Golfers, sailors, pilots and motorcycle enthusiasts will also find something to suit their taste and their favorite hobby. Display a fetching outdoor accent while, at the same time, sharing a bit about your personality.

Per style, weathervanes will vary in terms of size, parts, material and mounting options. Each of the featured mounts is included in the purchase price of the weathervane unless noted otherwise. Most garden weathervanes will come with the following: full-bodied figure, spacer balls, directionals, steel rod and either a roof mount, yard or garden pole, or a deck bracket. Materials utilized are brass and copper and many styles feature an antiqued or polished finish option. Garden weathervanes that are made in polished copper or brass will naturally patina overtime to achieve a seasoned charm. For more decorative pieces, browse our collections of garden decorations for sale!