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Table Top Terrariums

Appreciate the beauty a tabletop terrarium can add to spaces. With styles for indoor and outdoor use, choose a desktop terrarium for your home office or a miniature greenhouse design to place on a front porch. Not only are tabletop terrariums a fun accent, they are also a functional home for various plants.

Use a desktop terrarium to liven up workspaces or display tabletop terrariums atop an outdoor dinette as an al fresco centerpiece. Online at Windowbox, we supply designs with open tops or roofs. A large bubble bowl makes a lively tabletop terrarium for succulents on a bed of stones and moss. Enclosed styles are also available to create a small, but striking, greenhouse.

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Get traditional and contemporary tabletop terrariums online at Windowbox. With various styles to choose from, create a desktop terrarium for work or a new centerpiece for your dining room table. A tabletop terrarium makes possible a whole new range of creative ventures, inside or out!

Making a table or desktop terrarium is a fun project for passionate gardeners, DIY decorators and families alike. Just begin by choosing a tabletop terrarium that is appropriate to the size and style of your space and then choose what to put inside. One of the wonderful things about terrarium planting and decorating is the ability to select whatever you wan tot fill it. Mix and match small plants with other natural accents such as pebbles, river rocks or sand.

Tabletop terrariums are also a great space for favorite keepsakes, ornaments or even wine corks from an anniversary. The most creative decorators learn to represent the seasons as well. During the holidays, utilize a tabletop terrarium to create a festive centerpiece with evergreen sprigs, holly berries and bits of garland. Mix in favorite small decorations or children's school projects for an irresistible personal touch. Spring, summer and fall present similar opportunities to incorporate seasonal wildflowers, seashells collected on beach days, or autumn leaves that fall in the yard.

At the office, a desktop terrarium can provide invaluable freshness to what can be a tense space. Create a miniature garden with various combinations of moss, herbs, grasses, small blooming flowers or succulents. Mix in other decorations and personal items to create a lively display case.

The best way to begin with tabletop terrariums is to dive right in and try one! Choose an appropriate size and desired style to start - then let the fun begin. For live plants, it's best to lay a base of pebbles or stones. A thin layer of moss may also help for plants that need a moister environment. Whatever your plan, have fun and experiment with new arrangements often. For families, get the children involved - they'll love to help select and care for new plants and other objects to display inside.