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Window Boxes and Planters

Flower boxes and window box planters are great for gardening in small spaces! Mount them below your windows and hang them from your deck rails to beautify your home and turn your neighbors green with envy.

At Windowbox.com, we offer an extensive selection of flower window boxes in many styles and materials. Enjoy the rot-proof elegance of composite PVC window box planters,  the old-world grace of wrought iron, the dramatic patina of copper, the lightweight durability of vinyl and fiberglass, and the earthy beauty of cedar and redwood planter boxes. Traditional or contemporary, there are window flower boxes for everyone.

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Window Boxes

Choosing the right flower boxes for your home involves many considerations. As you browse through our window garden box selection, keep some important factors in mind.

Style: From simple to ornate, traditional to contemporary, rustic to elegant, window box planters really run the gamut. The clean, crisp lines of a Unity Chic tapered modern window box are very different from the detailed swirls and blossoms of the French Quarter aluminum flower box planters. An English Garden hayrack flowerboxes with coco liners look like they belong on a country cottage, while a Presidential vinyl window box planter would seem at home on a brick townhouse. As you look at our many pictures of window boxes, think about your personal style, the architectural theme of your home, and the mood of your garden.

Material: We are proud to offer window flower boxes made of diverse materials. Each one has a particular character and different strengths. Our composite PVC window planters are inherently white, so there's no need to worry about peeling paint. Fiberglass flower window boxes are watertight, keeping the moisture right where you want it. Our wrought iron window planter boxes show off lovely liners, which are easy to lift out and replant. Each and every copper flowerbox will patina to a unique grey-green finish. Compare and contrast the substances we use to build our planter window boxes, and rest assured that each one is a durable, beautiful addition to your home.

Installation of window box planters: There are several ways to install flower boxes for windows. The first is direct mounting, where the back wall of the window planter box has pre-drilled holes for you to screw through. This is a good solution for a permanent installation of window box planters. The second is cleat mounting, where you attach a long, sturdy cleat to your wall and then hang the window flower box from the cleat. You can easily lift the flower planter off for replanting. The third is using brackets, which allow a window planter to hang from a deck railing. Finally, if you have a deep window sill, you can simply rest your flower window box on the sill.

Size: Windowbox.com has several standard sizes for window box planters, and we can meet in-between needs, as well. Whether you want a 24" window box, a 36" flower box, a 48 inch window box, a 60" inch window box, or an extra-large 72 inch window box, we can meet that need. We can also manufacture flower boxes in custom sizes for those unusual spaces.

For help choosing the right flower boxes for your home, call our friendly experts at (888) 427-3362, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time.