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Hayrack Window Baskets

Hay rack window boxes, also known as window baskets and hayrack planters, turn your home into an English country cottage. Traditionally, the wrought iron frames of these window boxes would have been lined with straw. Today, we use coconut coir liners instead for their superior strength and their ability to keep water in the soil. You can also "go green" with bright, cheerful moss-lined flower planter baskets.

Choose from lengths from 24" to 72", and consider both the standard depth and the XL size. Hayrack window planter baskets can be directly mounted to your wall with pre-drilled holes on the back. You can also hang these window baskets from deck rails for a dramatic effect on your patio.

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Eco-Friendly Hayrack Window Baskets

The European countryside can come alive right in your own front and back yard with trough window boxes, otherwise known as Hayrack Window Boxes. Made of Coco Coir (coconut husks), moss, or seagrass in a variety of styles and sizes, these eco-friendly window planters and window baskets will definitely add loads of countryside character to your property. The convention in bygone eras would have allowed for window baskets and wrought iron hanging wall planters to be lined with straw, hence the name 'hayrack'. Yet, modern times suggest innovation, calling for longer lasting and more durable materials than hay while not compromising the style's earthy charm.

For example, coco liners aid in keeping soil moist and water-filled so plants stay hydrated without becoming water-logged, while moss-lined window baskets are colorful and earthy looking providing a similar benefit, conveying a natural in-ground ambiance at the same time. Each material has its own advantages, facilitating either an eco-friendly feel or providing a growth-friendly environment for plants such as small vegetables or herbs. Some customers even hang these lovely hayrack planters right outside their kitchen window for easy access when cooking up a scrumptious meal using fresh ingredients.

Trough Planters for Walls, Fences or Railings

Our hayrack window boxes are easy to mount, too, letting you conveniently hang against any flat surface with their pre-drilled holes in the planter's back. When adding brackets (sold separately,) hang wrought iron hayrack planters on fence rails. Or, hang our lovely seagrass planter baskets to create a down home effect on the porch or deck. With so many options, there are countless ways to arranging and styling your hanging wall planters made from these natural materials.

In addition, we have a range of shapes to accommodate the style you want to achieve. Choose from hanging pyramid planters made from lush green moss. Or, choose round shaped wall planter baskets, or rectangular planter baskets made from the same material. Coco liner styles come in a scooped out rectangular design, in six different sizes starting at twenty-four inches up to seventy-two inches. Custom sizes are also available. Call our design specialists for your unique project requirements and start the eco-friendly beautification process today.