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13in. Moss Pyramid Hanging Basket w/ Chain & Moss Ball Plug

13in. Moss Pyramid Hanging Basket w/ Chain & Moss Ball Plug


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Product Overview

MossVine® rope is hand-woven onto a durable metal wire framed pyramid hanging basket. Our pyramid shaped hanging baskets are covered in the greenest of green preserved moss and come with a small moss ball plug that fits perfectly in the basket to help prevent soil loss. Both the large and small pyramid moss baskets are shipped with a 20" long black metal chain, a hanging hook, and a 2.5" moss ball to use as a plug at the bottom of the basket to prevent soil from falling out. These hanging planters do not require the use of liners but you can save yourself the hassle of watering so often by adding a large handful polymer crystals that retain water to the dirt before planting. You can also hang your green hanging baskets over other planters or pots to catch drips and conserve water.

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Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 12.5" SQ x 13"H

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