Artificial Green Plants and Faux Flowers

Artificial outdoor plants and flowers have come a long way. No longer do you have to put up with garish and so-obviously fake flowers that quickly fade and look even worse. At, we carry such hyper-realistic artificial flowers, plants, grasses and shrubs that you’ll find yourself doing a double take even when you see them up close. And they’re made with industrial-grade materials that are sturdy and fade resistant, and with patterns and molds that mimic Mother Nature’s creations.

The appeal of artificial outdoor plants and faux flowers is that they give you all the vibrancy and color that real plants and flowers embody, but without the time and effort that is needed when tending to their live counterparts. With artificial flowers and plants, even those with a less-than-green thumb can enjoy the beauty that faux flowers and their bright blossoms bring, but without the worry of keeping them, well, alive.

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Outdoor Artificial Plants and Faux Flowers - Always a Good Idea

Artificial outdoor plants and flowers provide an excellent alternative to live foliage. They are sturdy enough to withstand outdoor elements and resist fading for years. They don't take much of your time in upkeep or watering and look utterly realistic when made properly. And the artificial green plants and faux flowers found at do meet these marks because our plants are made with a commercial-grade UV-protected polyblend material. This polyblend is a high-quality, industrial grade material that makes our outdoor artificial plants outlast common silk plants by far. And that's not all, all leaves and floral structures are affixed securely to sturdy wire frames which further ensures durability. Plus, this bendable construction allows you to mix and match a variety of foliage to create a beautiful natural-looking window box or planter.

We carry so many supremely realistic faux flowers and artificial green plants that you'll easily fill your cart with a garden's worth of greenery. From beautiful botanicals to willowy grasses, our selection is par-none. With the dozens of artificial outdoor plants, trailing vines, faux flowers, trees and shrubs to choose from, we are confident you will find what you're looking for. If you would like a certain density, arrangement, or configuration, we offer full customization for foliage mats and we also have DIY arrangements kits for window boxes based on popular floral designs.

Tips and Ideas on Where and How to Use Artificial Plants and Flowers

Map it Out! Using artificial outdoor plants in a landscaping design is not much different than when using live outdoor plants. To begin, you’ll need to map out your plan on paper by drawing a diagram of your patio, balcony, front or backyard. Try to make it somewhat to scale as this map is where you’ll begin to visualize the size and placement of your artificial green plants and faux flowers.

Figure out where you want your focal points to be and what type of faux outdoor plants you want to use. Perhaps a filled-out artificial weeping willow or a stately and tall artificial cedar tree or two will suit your space.

Fashionable Front Door– A sure-fire way to add panache to your front door is to frame it with a pair of faux cypress topiaries planted in tried-and-true terracotta pots. These artificial outdoor plants are tall, green and handsome. Go for symmetry and place one on either side of your door. Add a striking door mat and a shiny knocker and you’ve taken your front stoop to the next level of style.

Faux Outdoor Flowers in Window Boxes for the Win– Who says that every single plant or flower in a garden needs to be the real thing? Flowers, though so beautiful, are so fickle. But window boxes filled with artificial flowers and faux outdoor plants are a fabulous way to add the beauty and brilliance of greenery and blooms to your patio or garden. So don’t be dismayed by the thought of the upkeep - faux flowers, with their undying blossoms and ever-green leaves look as good as the real thing, but without the attention that living plants need. You can even do a mix and match of live plants with artificial flowers and artificial outdoor plants for a truly spectacular window box arrangement. Make your windows the talk of the town!

Add softness and contour to bare concrete walls – Walls are pretty much everywhere and in most yards across the US. Sometimes their stark bareness makes for a less than inviting atmosphere. But adding a row of trellises lined with vines of artificial azaleas will soften the glare and add a lot of charm to your hardscape. Or imagine a wall lined all the way across with full and feathery artificial Pampas Grass. These tall delicate reed like bushes will transform any wall into an ambiance-enhancing element.

Ok, well maybe a little bit of maintenance– Though you don’t have to water, prune, fertilize or transfer them, artificial flowers and plants still may need a bit of look-after here and there. All we ask is that you wipe them down with a damp cloth if they start to get dusty. If you have them outdoors, give them a gentle spray with the hose, and rearrange them if they become lopsided. Because of their sturdy composition, there’s no reason your artificial flowers and faux outdoor plants from shouldn’t last about a decade or so before they begin to deteriorate.  


For additional information on our faux outdoor plants, artificial green plants, or any of our customization opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us: (888) GARDEN-BOX.