21" Artificial Ribbon Grass, Outdoor Rated

21" Artificial Ribbon Grass, Outdoor Rated


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Product Description

Get fade resistant beauty for your home and garden with this outdoor rated artificial ribbon grass available in 3 colors. Measuring 21" in overall length, the grass features a durable 5" stem that makes mounting a breeze.

Add these faux ornamental grasses to planters, window boxes, or hanging baskets. You can use Styrofoam, soil, or gravel to hold them in place. Not sure how many you need? Call our helpful service staff at 1-888-427-3362 to find exactly what you need.

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21" Artificial Light Green Ribbon Grass, Outdoor Rated
21" Artificial Green Ribbon Grass, Outdoor Rated
21" Artificial Fall Ribbon Grass, Outdoor Rated
21" Artificial Burgundy Ribbon Grass, Outdoor Rated

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Product Overview

Our outdoor rated 21" Artificial Ribbon Grass provides a lush, filled in look for exterior applications. It makes a great contrast, both in terms of color and textural effect, to either live or artificial flowers or foliage. Perfect for home and business applications, alike, it looks just like it grows in nature. Manufactured using the highest grade polyblend material, the 21" size measures 16" for the faux grass portion, with a corresponding 5" stem. It is UV protected to ensure a colorfast product at a reasonalble price. Stems are constructed with a solid underwire frame below the UV protected grass. This enables the branch portion to be feathered out to create a fuller or lesser effect, as it might appear naturally. Artificial Ribbon Grass is sold in three different colors and shipped unpotted, ready to use.

The stem of each of the artificial ribbon grass pieces is strong, with a reliable yet limited flexibility. This combination allows for easy placement in the medium of your choice. Insert into numerous materials such as natural soil of various densities, sand, gravel, foam, even plaster of Paris. This product comes in bundles of 6 stem-faux grass portions. Order as much as you feel is necessary to complete your project.

Applications are plentiful for the artificial ribbon grass. Use for backdrop or contrasting foliage to faux flowers as ground cover, in window boxes, planters and pots. This popular outdoor rated fake grass can be interspersed with live plants and foliage as well, along walkways that border conventional grass lawns, and on decks or patios where other decorative foliage may be present on a seasonal basis. The beauty of the artificial ribbon grass is that it looks so real, passersby will assume that it is. Yet, there's no mess to clean up, no trimming, or watering to do. For additional information, or for custom options, please call 888-427-3362 to speak with a design consultant.

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