Outdoor Artificial English Ivy Mat - 12"

Outdoor Artificial English Ivy Mat - 12"


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Product Overview

Outdoor Artificial English Ivy Mats are designed for the DIY'er in everyone and are straightforward to use in your backyard or balcony. Whether you want to use these to create bedroom or living room décor, or just want to cover that ugly old fence with lively, attractive foliage, our fake ivy does the trick. Features:

  • Inherent UV protection; Intended for exterior or interior use
  • Commercial Poly-blend material
  • Striking green leaves
  • Extra thick foliage
  • No maintenance or watering needed
  • For use as: DIY green walls, covering blank walls/fences, eco-chic wall art, fresh photo background

Sold in squares measuring 12" x 12" that can be cut to size if needed, these faux foliage tiles can be used to make decorative 3D accent walls or even be used as a modern photography backdrop for sessions or special events. Hang artwork in front of it or make your ivy walls the center of attention.


Additional Information

Additional Info

Quantity Recommendations:

Desired Wall Size
# of Ivy Tiles

4' x 4'


6' x 6'


8' x 8'


10' x 10'


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