Artificial Gardenias - Multiple Sizes

Artificial Gardenias - Multiple Sizes


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Product Description

Window box outdoor artificial gardenias are made of a high quality industrial grade polyethlene blend material with added ingredients to prevent U.V. degradation. All plastics regardless of pigmentation will experience some color change in the pigments or the resin, on aging. The change in plants offered at Hooks and Lattice will be very slow and not extreme enough to in any way impair the aesthetic value of the installation. Outdoor Artificial Flowers are shipped Un-Potted.

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14in. Artificial Gardenia Bush

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15in. Artificial Gardenia Bush

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19" Window Box Artificial Gardenia- White
24" Window Box Artificial Gardenia- White
28" Window Box Artificial Gardenia- White

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Product Overview

    28 inch Gardenia: 28"H x 30"W- 257 Leaves - 17 White Flowers and 11 Buds

    24 inch Gardenia: 24"H x 15"W- 67 leaves, 6 White flowers and 4 buds

    19 inch Gardenia: 19"H x 10"W- with 43 leaves, 5 White flowers and 3 buds

    15 inch Gardenia: 15"H x 13"W- with Green Leaves and 6 White Flowers

    14 inch Gardenia: 14"H x 7"W- with Green Leaves and 3 White Flowers

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