Decorating Window Boxes for Christmas

Christmas Window Box with Fruit and Berries

This window box includes evergreens, fruit and berries for a colorful Christmas display. Image from Shine Your Light Blog.


‘Tis the season – for Christmas window boxes, of course! As the holidays approach, neighborhoods abound with twinkling lights, elegant shades of red and green and all around seasonal cheer. Decorating window boxes for Christmas and wintertime makes a vibrant and fanciful addition to your outdoor decor. You’ll love them, and so will your neighbors and holiday guests.

Holiday window boxes are easy and fun to create. First, remove any remnants from the summer or fall planting season to prep for elegant wintery arrangements. Once window boxes are primed it’s time for the fun part: choosing all your favorite seasonal ingredients like evergreens, garlands, ribbons, branches, berries and poinsettias. Let us offer some of our favorite tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Diversity of color, texture and height helps make holiday window boxes merry and memorable

When selecting plants, twigs and branches, try combining uprights like rigid evergreen boughs with some looser and draping greens such as willow branches. For added richness of color, poinsettias, holly berries and colored branches like dogwood add deep and blushing red pigment.

To keep components in place, we recommend utilizing floral foam and wire to secure loose branches, springs and garlands in the desired order. When inserting plants and tree branches, don’t bother trimming ahead of time. Insert all pieces into the arrangement first and save pruning for last. Of course, if you’re using potted evergreen plants, it’s as easy as dropping the pots into your window box.

Christmas Window Box with Stars

Stars made from copper wire adorn his iron window box. Image from Nibs Blog.

Tip #2: Add your favorite decorations to your Christmas window boxes

We love live plants and flowers, to be sure. However, holiday window boxes can benefit immensely from non-living parts. We’re talking ornaments, ribbons, bows, pinecones, lights and more. Faux garlands also make robust filler for arrangements, and one that can be used over multiple seasons. Mixing artificial plants with live ones ensures that Christmas window boxes maintain a fresh look even if living or live-cut components lose some of their luster. Add cheerful convenience during this, the most bustling of seasons!

Ribbons, bows and ornaments are one of our favorite non-plant additions to a holiday arrangement. Take from your personal collection, and wind a thick red ribbon around the outside of a window box to wrap it up like a joyful Christmas package. On our Wrought Iron Window Box Cages, it is easy to weave ribbons and bows through the bars to fasten in place.

Tip #3: Put your personality and holiday traditions into the mix!
With holiday and Christmas window boxes, perhaps the most important ingredient is your individual personality. When choosing parts for an arrangement, get the family in on it and let your traditions shine through. Kids love going out into the yard to select different twigs and sprigs, or make a fun day trip to the local nursery to buy small evergreens and find more inspired decorating ideas.

Imagining, collecting parts for, and decorating window boxes for Christmas and winter is a wonderful way to spread the spirit of the season. Get in on the festivity and make your wish for a lovely winter garden come true!

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