What’s the Best Wood for Window Boxes?

cedar flower box with a scalloped edge

When building or buying a wood window box, your choice of wood can make a big difference! Some woods, like cedar and redwood, are much more durable and rot-resistant.

The natural beauty of wood makes it an optimal material for a window box. Whether you’re building your own wooden window box or selecting the best one to buy, careful thought should go into the wood you choose.

First, be mindful that not all wood is created equal. Some types are especially durable while others are prone to degradation and rot. Pine, for example, rots relatively quickly. That’s not what you want from a window box, which will be in regular contact with moist soil and suffer rain and snow. Because of their rot-resistant qualities, cedar and redwood are two of the best choices of wood for window boxes.

Smooth high-grade cedar has a fine grain that looks good natural or stained.

Smooth high-grade cedar has a fine grain that looks good natural or stained.


What Makes Cedar Window Boxes Special?

Cedar is commonly used in woodworking projects and home cabinetry, and it works wonderfully for window boxes. Common cedar varieties include Spanish Cedar, Eastern Cedar, Juniper, and Red Cedar. The western red variety is the most popular and accessible to most gardeners. It’s available at a moderate price at most home centers.

Cedar flower boxes are weather resistant and remain durable despite the changes in season. Naturally insect and rot resistant, cedar isn’t prone to splitting or splintering. Another advantage to using cedar for gardening purposes: It doesn’t soak up water, so it’s a natural choice to use outside.

The finest grades of cedar look lovely when they’re left natural. Over time, the warm reddish tone of cedar will fade to a silvery grey. Smooth grain cedar also looks great stained. A stain in the color of your choice will add some uniqueness to your window box. The stain finish should last for several years. You can also paint cedar, if you choose. Be sure to prep the wood by sanding and priming it to create a good foundation for the paint.

The rich, warm tone of redwood makes it a favorite for window boxes.

The rich, warm tone of redwood makes it a favorite for window boxes.


Why is Redwood a Great Material for Flower Boxes?

Redwood, like cedar, is often used in outdoor projects because of its resistance to water. The rich color of redwood inspires many gardeners to gravitate toward it. Easy to work with and soft, California Redwood combines a natural beauty and a durability that make it a great choice for a window box or any other type of outdoor wood project. Additionally, it also finishes well due to the lack of resins.

Redwood is usually a bit more costly than cedar. If well cared for, redwood planters and window boxes last for many planting seasons, making it a great value for the price. Because of its strength, builders often choose redwood for very large planters, and then make the window boxes to match.

Whatever wood you choose for your window box, it will do best when treated on all sides with a water repellent to heighten the natural water resistant material. Pressure treated wood with at least two coats of stain will further help your window box survive the elements. At Windowbox.com, we have a diversity of window boxes in cedar and redwood so that you can find the perfect window box for your home.

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