Get off the couch and out in the garden - for your health! Photo Credit: Flickr

Discover the Health Benefits of Gardening

Photo Credit: Flickr

These two gardeners are busy creating a small rooftop garden using raised beds and trellises. Photo Credit: Flickr

Guess what, gardeners? All the yard care, potting, pruning and DIY projects are actually building a healthier you. At least that’s what recent studies suggest!

Turns out, a healthy lifestyle runs parallel to many of the practices – and plants – cultivated by gardeners. From projects that get kids moving and learning, to moderate impact activities for the senior community, discover the many health benefits of a garden tinkerer’s routine.


Photo Credit: Flickr

Dig in and start reaping the health benefits of gardening, today! Photo Credit: Flickr

Nary a Sedentary Moment

Get off the couch and bring out the gardening supplies. The simple act of moving and doing, rather than sitting and watching, helps to explain why DIY projects may be linked to a longer and healthier life.

Our bodies respond favorably to the motion and thought inherent in daily tasks, even those that are moderately taxing like potting, watering and pruning. In fact, for the senior community, some studies suggest that “moderate intensity” daily activities may be just as important as regular exercise. And, as safety is always first, use tools like a handy garden kneeler seat to boost comfort and maximize stamina.

Replacing sedentary time with day-to-day home, garden and yard care has also been linked to lowered risks for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and even dementia. One study* of the senior community in Sweden found the risk of heart attack and stroke to be reduced by up to 27 percent!

Photo Credit: Flickr

Grab a friend or a family member to join in the fun! Photo Credit: Flickr

Gardening Grows Communities

The act of growing not only leads to a healthier you, it also builds stronger communities. When we garden, we share beauty, life and, in the case of edible plots, yummy ingredients.

Think about it: what’s a better conversation piece than a pair of window boxes flourishing brightly in front of your home? Lively arrangements and garden plots let neighbors know you take pride in your home and want others to share in the pleasure. Form lasting friendships over a chat about favorite gardening supplies and other secrets to success. Bonded communities mean healthier, happier citizens.

Growing your own food is another way to share the nourishing garden love. Preparing fresh cuisine can make for unforgettable dinner parties, and will also get the neighbors asking if you have any extra. Even start a garden share program on your block to swap healthy ingredients and wholesome recipes.

Warm Up Winters

Photo Credit: Flickr

Small vinyl planters or window boxes are a great place for plants to take root. Photo Credit: Flickr

In climates characterized by plunging winter temps, indoor DIY projects are a welcome refuge from the seasonal blues. Use lined garden containers in decorative styles to spruce up interior decor with an herb garden or other winter arrangement. And when spring arrives once more, it’s easy to transplant from a living room tabletop to outdoor garden beds for year-round beauty.

In the Garden, It’s All Good

To stay mindful of a healthy lifestyle, the rule of the green thumb is, “It’s all good.” Any and all DIY projects are truly a double whammy in that they get everyone engaged while improving the environment – inside or out.

*Study Here

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