Window Boxes are great for growing kitchen herbs.

How to Use Window Boxes Indoors

Here at, we’re appreciating the beauty of window boxes in new and exciting ways – won’t you join us?

For all their charisma outside, it’s no wonder we see window containers emerging as an imaginative indoor planter option. And the possibilities don’t stop at flowers and herbs: From creative window box storage, to artful decorative arrangements, we’re in the midst of a full-on window box renaissance! The best part is, it’s lead by creative DIY decorators, gardeners and homeowners just like you.

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Place vinyl planters on windowsills for optimal light conditions. Photo Credit: Flickr

Read on for some of our favorite ideas, and then share some of your own in our “Comments” section:

Keep It Growing

Add herbs, low light plants and flowers to your indoor repertoire by using window boxes indoors. Or, use as a starter space to jumpstart the planting season during early spring.

Fresh herb gardens are an exciting culinary opportunity on top of a fun DIY growing project. Take worn out wooden containers from outside for a rustic look, or choose a quaint PVC window box for polished displays. Many herbs have delightful aroma and flavor with the added benefit of low-maintenance care:

Common Herbs



We like English or “Common”, lime and lemon varieties. All are aromatic and can grow anywhere from 2″ – 18″ high depending on how they’re planted.

Purple and yellow sage are both hardy, ornamental herbs that can also be used in food. Adds interesting color variation to window sill gardens

This evergreen herb adds a piney fragrance and interesting texture. Great to have on hand for meat dishes.

Parsley & Chives
Mix in varieties with dark and bright green leaves for color contrast. Enjoy fresh aroma while adding a wonderful garnish option for home cooking.

Herbs are relatively low maintenance indoor plants and will, in fact, thrive inside. Mix in other low light plants and flowers for a pop of color and textural variety. Window sill and kitchen counter displays will brighten interior space and provide easy access to fresh ingredients.


Innovative Window Box Storage

Reinvent old window planting containers with a new purpose: Storage space. Remember that garden graveyard in your garage? Put retired materials back to work!

Repurposing window boxes for storage is a great way to innovate in small spaces, like a guest bathroom with no linen closet. For window box styles with brackets, simply mount to empty wall space and place toilet paper, rolled up towels and guest toiletries right inside.

And in the kitchen, place a window box on your counter or windowsill and stow spices, cooking oils and other goodies inside. A practical addition of storage space that’s lovely to look at!

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Use Small flower pots to separate edibles in the kitchen. Photo Credit: Flickr

Unique Home Decor

Window boxes are known to house beautiful flower arrangements, but what about turning them into display cases for home decor? A simple gathering of glass pieces like mason jars, bottles, and candle holders makes for a dazzling interior design accent sitting atop a ledge or decorative table. And contrasted with a refurbished wood or metal container, the combination of texture and color is to die for. Also a lovely centerpiece for dinner parties.

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Going organic? Use a natural cedar planter to keep harmful chemicals out of your family’s food. Photo Credit: Flickr

And Don’t Forget the Kids!

Whether buying planters specifically for an art project, or repurposing old window boxes, get your kids in on the action. Old wooden containers make a great painting project for kiddos, and one they can be proud to display in their room. Let them spatter the sides with abstract colors, or help to stencil in a picture of their favorite cartoon. Makes a great decoration and also adds space to store toys, art supplies and other youthful tools!



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