Swap Red For “Green” This Valentine’s Day

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Giving a thoughtful gift that grows, reminds the recipient how much you care year-round! Photo Credit: Flickr

Cupid’s arrows are within striking distance once again, and the search is on for the best Valentine’s Day gifts in 2014. We’ve all heard the old adage that, “love works in mysterious ways,” so, why add one more puzzle to the equation this February 14? For a simply satisfying St. Valentine’s offering, all you need to do is start seeing green.

It’s all about live plant gifts. No box of chocolates, no fresh cut clichés – just send a plant that will last and last, and make your sweetie think of you each time they see it.

Everlasting Love in Gift Form

Red Mini Rose in Love Note Container

Say “I Love You” in a cute and traditional way with red roses and a love note!

The act of giving Valentine’s Day flowers, however cherished, is undeniably overdone. Ladies love roses, but they love originality more. So, step outside the “been there, gave that” arena into the big leagues.

We’re talking roses that don’t die next week. After all, what kind of love letter is a withering petal? Instead, choose a Mini Red Rose arrangement, potted in a romantic red container. An ideal gift for the gal who loves all the frills that Valentine’s Day has to offer.

And if shopping for a woman with a taste for modern romance, a peaceful Bamboo Plant or elegant Miltonia Orchid speaks to a strong, independent sensibility. Signifying good fortune and tranquility, respectively, these plant choices convey a deeper sense of what it means to love and be loved.

And Don’t Forget the Guys

Myth: The best Valentine’s Day gifts for men must plug into the wall. The reality is, plant gifts speak to masculine sensibilities – you just have to familiarize yourself with the language.


For modern Valentine’s Day wishes go with a green Money Tree in a decorative container.

Like the language of success and prosperity spoken by a Braided Money Tree. This plant choice is great for a career driven husband, boyfriend or partner who loves his job almost as much as he loves his relationship. He’ll jump to display it on his desk as a reminder of goals and aspirations.

If your guy’s into less talking and more cooking, give him a little flavor boost with his own Potted Herb Garden. Popular varieties like thyme, sage and rosemary are great for enhancing culinary creations. And they brighten up the kitchen considerably.


Can you believe these are real leaves?! Carefully layered, this truly natural planted succulent arrangement fits perfectly on desktops, windowsills and shelves.

Send a plant to brighten Valentine’s Day for a work colleague, parent, sibling or friend. After all, the day is a celebration of all types of relationships.

Succulent Plant Gifts are an option that anyone can enjoy and care for. And we mean anyone – even a college student. In any setting, these low-maintenance arrangements add something vibrant to tables, ledges and windowsills.

And after the holiday is over…

Remember live plant gifts for all your special occasions.

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