Best Spring Flowers for Window Boxes


Convolvulus arvensis is visually stunning, but can also become very invasive. Think balcony planters!
Photo: Matt Lavin

As the snow melts away from your landscape and garden, you can almost feel the faint heartbeat of spring growing stronger and stronger. The swelling buds on the trees and small green tips on the grass are like promises of warmer weather to come. That means it’s time to plan your spring window boxes – if they’re already stuffed to the gills with perennials, your planning is already done, but for the majority of gardeners who choose bulbs and small annuals, the planning has only just begun. If you’re looking for ideas for container flower gardening, you’ve come to the right place.

Planting Your Early Spring Containers

When planting your window boxes, put your best foot forward – these small containers are highly visible, but small enough to give you a chance to try out some really special plants. If you’re looking for annuals, the assortment of early spring flowers may seem thin, but cool weather-loving pansies mix well with helleborus and trilliums. If you’re a lover of all things bulb, a border of crocus will happily frame an early spring container filled with snowdrops, miniature iris and daffodils – just make sure you plant a ground cover to keep things interesting once the foliage has died back.

Another strategy for planting window boxes is to select plants that bloom at different times and plant them together. Make sure that you balance spring bulbs like grape hyacinth, which have very limited foliage, with leafier flowering plants like petunias or dianthus so your window box won’t look empty when the blooms die back. Tulips are beautiful in containers, but create the same conundrum, summer-blooming creeping phlox or moss rose will lay down a thick green carpet to frame the bright flowers, waiting to bloom until your tulips are spent.

Other great spring flower choices for window boxes include snapdragons, geraniums, sweet peas, convolvulus, nasturtiums, lobelia and bachelor buttons. By mixing and matching these plants with one another, you can create the perfect color palette for your home and outdoor living spaces. Add some summer and fall bloomers to the mix if you want a show that lasts throughout the growing season.

Windowless Boxes on the Patio

Busy gardeners prefer the Balconera deck planter. It has a built-in irrigation system and is a beautiful freestanding planter or railing planter box - it's up to you!

Busy gardeners prefer the Balconera deck planter. It has a built-in irrigation system and is a beautiful freestanding planter or railing planter box – it’s up to you!

If you’ve not got any windows to work with and instead are gardening on a balcony, there’s no need to feel left out. You can get a similar effect from deck planter boxes that attach to your railing or removable boxes that hang on the wall in sturdy brackets. These windowless boxes can be used just like standard window boxes to call attention to particular features of your home. Unlike window boxes, though, deck planters and wall-mounted boxes allow you to create a secluded hideaway filled with multiple levels of flowers on walls, dividers and ledges.

Already have your window boxes? Share what you’re planting below in the comments! If you’re still in need of spring window boxes, Click Here to shop.

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