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Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The clock is ticking, and Mother’s Day is closing in fast this year. You’ve already bought mom cut flowers over the years, and let’s face it – you’re a little too old to give her that macaroni artwork! On this special day it’s important to find something that expresses your love and gratitude that your Mom will really enjoy. Here are a few steps and recommendations that will help you drum up the best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Get to know Mom, who is she?

Coming up with thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that Mom will enjoy has never been easy for me. Then I stopped scouring the internet and local stores and I started really thinking hard. Consider who your mother is – her favorite hobbies, occupation or even a favorite trinket she has in the house. Hobbies are the most fun, and one hobby that’s always a slam dunk is gardening.

Gardening gifts are an excellent choice for avid gardeners, and if Mom doesn’t have a garden it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like to start one! Most everyone has the desire to plant something and watch it grow. If your mother is a beginner, create a window box garden starter package like this:

Small gardening hand tools are an additional item that puts the finishing touch on your custom gardening gift basket. There are thousands of possible combinations – plus, at you can call to speak with in-house representatives that can help you find a Mother’s Day gift that is a little more personal.

Think outside the window box.

Advanced gardeners generally have the basics already covered and don’t always need window boxes, hand tools or watering cans. For this Mom, you bring out the big guns. Backyard composting isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s great for garden soil!

Gardeners love the cedar composter because it’s 100 percent natural, the cedar is sourced in Maine and it’s made in the USA. The sturdy removable slats make it super easy to move whenever needed.

Mom standing in the front garden.<br/>Photo Credit: D. Pardue

Look at that curb appeal! What’s one thing you can see is missing from this house’s exterior? Comment below!
Photo Credit: D. Pardue

One thing that hard-working gardeners often forget about is garden decorations and accents. They’re so focused on keeping their plants healthy they sometime forgets to stop and enjoy how truly beautiful the backyard is. For mothers like this, the Fly-Through Copper Bird Feeder will really make a splash. Its unique shape and real copper detail will attract birds to the garden, and the elegance of its design will attract compliments from visitors and passersby.

Indoor gardeners are creating really cool hanging terrarium gardens. The modern glass planters seem to float in the air once hung, and she can fill them easily with succulents, air plants or seashells to name a few. Tabletop and freestanding terrariums are a good pick for people who have the space, or prefer to not put hardware into their walls or ceilings.

Make it thoughtful.

The most important part of Mother’s Day is to make your mom feel happy and appreciated. Take the time to write a thoughtful note to go along with your gift. You can include helpful plant recipes, gardening ideas or just simply thank her for all of the years of loving care she provided. Whatever it is that you land on for this year’s Mother’s Day offering, remember to make it thoughtful!

What are you getting Mom this year? Your comments are encouraged!

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