"Marvelous Mandevilla"

Announcing the Best Window Boxes of 2013!

Calling all container gardeners: The results are in for the 2013 Window Box Contest, and what a year it was. Our winners showcased everything from vinyl to copper window boxes with botanicals ranging from impatiens, to verbena and snapdragons, oh my! We’re overjoyed just thinking about it.

Our sincere thanks go out to all who shared their stunning displays of wall, window and railing planters. Even if you didn’t take home a prize, it’s your creative ideas that make Windowbox.com so proud to sponsor the Window Box Contest each year.

Without further ado, let’s check out the winners.

Category #1 – Window Boxes On A Wall


“Seeing Red”

And the winner is: Seeing Redby Stella Anastasia. Using our Real Copper Window Planters, this green thumb made an elegant addition to her home’s white facade. The rich russet tone of the planter boxes glimmers in the sunlight while vivid floral colors dance just below Stella’s window frames. A well deserved win, indeed!

"A Cheerful Hello"

“A Cheerful Hello”


Category # 2 – Window Boxes On A Railing

The prize goes to: A Cheerful Helloby Joe McGarvey. By mounting two inexpensive railing planters and filling them to the brim, this homeowner is maximizing front porch curb appeal. And our viewers agree – one online comment raved, “Sooo beautiful! Your neighbors must be so jealous.” We know we are. Well done, Joe.

Category #3 – Most Creative

"Marvelous Mandevilla"

“Marvelous Mandevilla”

Imagined by homeowner Joanne Ahern, the winner is: “Marvelous Mandevilla.” On top of their outright beauty, these window box arrangements also serve to cover some not-so-desirable pool pipes. And Joanne even added mirrors to make her greenhouse space feel more grand. What an inventive transformation!

Category #4 – Before & After

Proving the gorgeous difference that hanging window boxes can make, Stefanie Meyers claims a prize with her, “Summer of Abundant Colors.” With light grey siding her home exterior provides ample opportunity to use brightly colored accents. And that’s just what Stefanie did, by layering in our Presidential Vinyl Window Boxes in red, potted with shade-loving impatiens and trailing vinca vines. Quite the curb appeal makeover!

"Summer of Abundant Colors"

“Summer of

"Summer of Abundant Colors"

Abundant Colors”

On With the Show – Enter Our 2014 Window Box Contest!

Now is the time for your best window boxes to take the spotlight. This year’s contest will feature three categories each with its own “green” prize awaiting the winner. Whether you’re a seasoned container gardener or dying to show off a first-time experiment, get in on the challenge. Winner or not, it’s a celebration of the joy that botanical arrangements bring to outdoor living!

To enter, visit the Window Box Contest Website and upload your entry.

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