The love of a family it life's greatest blessing...the second is container gardening of course!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Family Fun

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the dads in our lives, but it’s also time to enjoy a little family fun. What better way to combine the two by giving Dad the gift of time with family? And there’s no better place to have the family father than around a garden DIY project. Here are three easy garden gift ideas to bring everyone together this Father’s Day.

A family of brightly-colored rubber boots for gardening.

The family that gardens together, stays together!


Forget conventional gardening methods-urban gardening planters offer a fun and unique way to get the garden of your dreams, no matter where you live. Urban planters are typically smaller and have a self-watering feature, so there’s no excuse for your plant to be thirsty. This urban grower with plant amendments has a self-water system and also comes with a DVD and instruction book so Dad gets the best plants possible. The two included planters are perfect for growing small crops, even lettuce! Because self-watering urban growers are fool-proof, they are a great way to get the kids involved in gardening and to introduce a Dad-led DIY project that everyone can enjoy.


Help Dad experiment with his creative side by giving him an unconventional place to plant his garden. Nearly any place will work, from old mailboxes to repurposed shoeboxes. This repurposed wall planter is made of old wine crates and is simple to plant. Just place potted plants on the shelves and let the irrigation system go to work. As the plants grow from their pots, they create a tapestry of color and texture. This planter is a great way to introduce kids gardening; it allows room for experimentation by mixing plants and creating a beautiful and unique garden perfect for kids of all ages.

The love of a family it life's greatest blessing...the second is container gardening of course!

The love of a family it life’s greatest blessing…the second is container gardening of course!


Keep your home and garden pesticide-free with this great variety of organic growing media and soil amendments. When the entire family is involved in gardening, keeping things safe and clean is extra important, but often easier said than done. With products such as ground pumice rock and coconut coir fiber bricks, you can give Dad a fabulous garden and the peace of mind that the kids are chemical-free. These organic products are great catalysts for healthy plants and nourishing alternatives to traditional peat moss and other garden additions. Soil amendments are a great addition to a family-friendly garden gift for Dad.

No matter which DIY project you choose for Dad, he is sure to enjoy the chance to get the family together to get their hands dirty and create something beautiful. Garden gifts not only give Dad a beautiful garden, but the memories of time well spent together.

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