Add window boxes, planters and hanging baskets to create a picture perfect cottage garden.

Cottage Window Box Ideas

It can be difficult to plan home renovations, especially when it comes to your yard. Luckily, there are affordable options that will allow for an instant transformation. Without any major remodeling or landscaping, you can create a new look and increase curb appeal. How is this possible? All that is needed is the careful placement of traditional window planters full of gorgeous plant life. Whether you want additional variety or a whole new appearance, it’s time you quit scouring the web for pictures of window boxes and consider these cottage window box ideas.

Deciding on a Style for your New Trough Planters

When it comes to planter box ideas, start your search by considering the numerous styles available. Cottage window boxes are offered in many designs and made from varying materials. This Mariposa Hayrack window basket is a nice example of how traditional window planters can complement the look of wrought iron scroll work. If you have wrought iron fences, then think about using a similar window box to easily tie the décor together. If the scrolling lines of that particular window basket do not appeal to you, then look at this Scroll Coir lined window basket. From cottage window boxes to trough planters, mull over your choices and then move on to liners.

Add window boxes, planters and hanging baskets to create a picture perfect cottage garden.

Add window boxes, planters and hanging baskets to create a picture perfect cottage garden.

The Advantages of Coir Liners

In addition to choosing the type of cottage window boxes you want gracing your home, the liner is equally important. Growing in popularity, and with good reason, coir liners are made from coconut husks and provide a great environment for growing healthy plants. There are natural nutrients that will help promote strong plant growth. Best of all, coir liners are environmentally friendly. They are naturally biodegradable and will need to be replaced after several seasons of use. When you are using traditional window planters, a coir liner can add a natural earthy look to your home. When paired with a hayrack planter or hanging window basket, the coir liner will show through. Take this English Garden window basket as an example of the elegance and simplicity that can be achieved by using cottage window boxes with coco coir liners.

Placement and Installation of Window Boxes

After selecting cottage window boxes and liners, decide where to place your new displays. While these planters are normally installed below windows along the front of homes, they can also be placed on decks, patios, and installed along fences. With several window boxes, you can bring plant life to any area of your yard. Plan the locations where you will place your planters and, especially when installing along a window sill, take measurements before ordering. Planters are available in many sizes and you should not have any trouble finding ones to suit your needs.

Whether you choose a trough planter or use cottage window boxes with coco coir liners, use these planter box ideas as a basic guide. Look at every style available and really take your time and have fun selecting the right window boxes for your home. Before you know it, you will have a great showcase for your vibrant plant life.

Increase the curb appeal of your home and the beauty of your landscaping by purchasing several cottage window boxes and installing them around your yard.

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