Terrariums are a good gift for urban and apartment dwellers with small spaces.

10 Cool Holiday Gifts Under $50

Let the countdown begin! Here’s a list of ten cool gift ideas for the 2014 holiday season. From festive parties and office swaps, to Christmas morning with close family and friends, find the gifts to leave a joyful imprint on colleagues and loved ones alike. Order now and they’ll arrive in plenty of time for wrapping, stowing and maybe even a little eggnog sipping.

Terrariums are a good gift for urban and apartment dwellers with small spaces.

Terrariums are an excellent gift for urban and apartment dwellers with small spaces. Shop hanging, tabletop and wall mount.

For Gift Ideas 1-3, All Types of Terrariums for Sale Online!

  1. All-In-One Terrarium Kits – Teardrop or Round Shape

Price: $34.99 + shipping

Terrariums filled with Magnusiana are a mesmerizingly modern alternative to traditional house plants. And our all-in-one kits include everything to create captivating displays. Your gift recipient need only decide where to show their new airplant arrangement off – be it on a tabletop or dangling from a strand of textural jute rope.

  1. Rhapsody Hanging Terrarium Planters – Set of 3

Price: $23.97 + shipping

Stunning in ceramic, this matching set of bisque white terrariums features a small, medium and large size. Each decorator can choose their own trimmings from hardy succulents to small pieces of driftwood. Know anyone with bright wall colors? Of all our terrariums for sale online, these are the most striking when set against bold paint tones.

Set of 3 Rhapsody Hanging Terrarium Planters

Set of 3 Rhapsody Hanging Terrarium Planters

  1. Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl – Large Size

Price: $44.97 + shipping

A true centerpiece, this glass enclosure features a slanted design that allows larger plants to grow toward the back of the bowl. And even if you totally missed the mark with the whole terrarium thing, it still makes a stunning accent when filled with seashells, river rocks or just about any décor that mom or grandma prefers.

  1. Terrarium Extras

If you feel like putting a little extra oomph and $10-$12 extra into hanging terrarium gifts, try adding some jute rope ($11.97 + shipping) or a Bijou Wall Hook ($9.97 + shipping) to complete your gift recipient’s display checklist. Altogether, the pieces form a fun, fashionable indoor gardening set.

Now, Onto the Seed Kits…

  1. Giant Heirloom Portabella Mushroom Kit

Price: $49.97 + shipping

Know any foodies, vegetarians or creative home cooks? Talk about a cool holiday gift for anyone that’s into fresh ingredients and a new growing experience! Under the right conditions, sumptuous portabellas should start popping up in as little as three weeks. Kits also come in Portabella Crimini and White Button mushroom varieties for the same price.

  1. Micro-Green Grow Boxes – Choice of Spices or Veggies

Price: Both are $47.97 + shipping

Two full crops worth of seeds, a no-mess growing medium and results in as little as 1-2 weeks: This is what spouses, siblings and friends can expect from this pretty little growing package – all delivered in an eco-friendly recycled steel box that doubles as the planter.

Includes plant, growing media and galvanized planter gift box.

Includes seeds, growing media and galvanized planter gift box.

  1. Grow Your Own Bonsai Box – Japanese Black Pine

Price: $33.97 + shipping

Now, anyone can enjoy the ancient art of Bonsai – tabletop style! This grow kit comes with all the tools necessary. Great for impressing a boss, the in-laws, or making a “green” impression on holiday gift trades. Also available in Gardenia, Crepe Myrtle and Japanese Elm at the same price.

  1. Parsley Seed Kit and Bamboo Container

Price: $18.97 + shipping

Here’s a fresh, fun idea for $20 holiday gift trades – fresh parsley to liven up any home cooked dish! Seed kits come with everything needed to turn out a bountiful crop. Check out other varieties like mint and lavender here.

And, finally, a little home decor.

3 colors to chose from and fits standard tea candles.

3 colors to chose from and fits standard tea candles.

  1. Flowerwood Pressed Glass Lantern – Three Color Choices

Price: $24.97 + shipping

These gorgeous glass and metal lanterns make great tabletop decorations. And at under $25, the vintage vibe of this unique holiday gift is even more charming. Choose from turquoise, green and red colored glass.

  1. Riverton Country Bell – A Gift for the Rustic At Heart

Price: $31.97 + shipping

This gift rings in the holidays, and dinnertime, right. We love this charming supper bell for DIY design savvy moms, friends, aunts and sisters. Dress it up for Christmas with a bright red bow and let it shine with country-inspired charm all year long.

Find these and more cool home and garden Christmas gifts online at Windowbox. Also, follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for up to date holiday and small space gardening goodies!

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