GrowBrownie 'Crumbs' Soil Amendment Can Dramatically Help Your Plants

Save Water and Grow Happier Plants with Self-Watering Planters

Epic droughts across the country have brought about sharp increases in water bills, the adoption of water conservation regulations in many areas, and concerns for water supplies.  These concerns have been weighing heavily on the minds of gardeners for years and will likely be around for years to come.  With these concerns at the top of mind, many green thumbs have been searching for gardening hacks to save water.

Smart Choices for Successful Container Gardens

Outside of ripping up beloved plants, a non-starter for most gardeners, one of the best ways to save water in your garden is by using self-watering planters.  While you could shop for specially designed planters, adding self-watering planter reservoirs to your existing containers gives you the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Self-watering planters offer a number of benefits for gardeners who strive for water conservation as well as gardening newbies and frequent travelers.  Gravity fed planter reservoirs sit at the bottom of a planter and provide the root ball with the perfect amount of water just when it’s needed most.  This arrangement helps save water by reducing evaporation form the soil surface, saves time by reducing the frequency of watering, and gives you the freedom of knowing you can leave for a few days and will return to healthy and happy plants.

When selecting a self-watering conversion kit be sure to select the right reservoir for the right pot.  In traditional flat-bottomed containers a planter reservoirs will water soil up to 9″ beyond its edge.  For example an 8 inch Round Planter Well Reservoir will work for a container up to 17″ diameter. If you are planting in a hanging basket or planter with a curved bottom be sure to choose a bowl shaped reservoir to fit snugly in the bottom of your container.

Self-Watering Planters Will Save You Time, Money, and Water.

A Round Planter Well Reservoirs Can Make Any Planter A Self-Watering Planter


The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Now that you’re ready to set up your self-watering window boxes, there is one more step you can take to save water.  By mixing Growbrownie Crumbles into your soil at a ratio of 40% Growbrownie to 60% soil you can make sure your plants are making the most of the water you give them.  This soil amendment is made up of a mix of shredded tree bark and coconut husks – called coir – that naturally absorbs and retains water like a sponge.  This natural additive helps to create an extremely permeable and absorbent soil that will hold moisture releasing it when your plants need it most during dry periods. As an added bonus these natural materials add nutrients to your soil as they break down.

GrowBrownie 'Crumbs' Soil Amendment Can Dramatically Help Your Plants

GrowBrownie ‘Crumbs’ Soil Amendment Can Dramatically Help Your Plants.


Shop for a great selection of self-watering planters and window boxes, raised gardening supplies, and many other smart solutions to get your container garden on the right track.

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