Gardening Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed (But Totally Should)

Start your seeds in citrus!

Seed Starting in Citrus

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 Use a lemon, orange, or grapefruit.


…and in egg shells.

Start seeds inside with egg-shell planters

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Start your seeds in egg shells then plant them directly into the ground.


Or if you can’t crack an egg like Julia Child, break them up and sprinkle them around your plants for added calcium and as pest control.

Sprinkle cracked egg shells on soil to prevent pests and for calcium

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You can sprinkle them on the top soil or mix them in with soil for added nutrients.


We don’t exactly recommend wasting good beer on this, but putting beer in your garden kills slugs.

Say goodbye to slugs when you have a cup of beer in the garden

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 Pour beer into empty cups and plant them at ground level. The beer loving slugs will go in for a drink and won’t be able to get back out.


For a less violent way to keep slugs out, make a penny ball from an old bowling ball and put in your garden.

Create your own slug replant that's also a pretty garden accessory

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We don’t recommend using a foam ball as they don’t weight enough to stay in place and they will retain water and mold.


Use boiled veggie water to water your plants.

Boiled veggie water is the elixir of life for plants

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You will be surprised how your plants respond to this magic elixir!


Going on vacation for a little bit? Shove a wine bottle filled with water into your potted plants.

Make your own self-watering planters

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The plant’s roots will suck out water when they’re thirsty. How cool is that?!


You can regrow celery, avocados, and even pineapple in a glass of water. 

Regrow your food for an indoor gardening hack

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No need to pay $1.25 extra for avocado in your Subway sandwiches, you can grow your own now!


Make your own weed killer.

1 gallon vinegar + 1 cup of salt + 1 tbsp dawn dish washing soap.

Homemade weed killer

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Mix the contents in a spray bottle, shake, and spray those weeds to their death bed!


Grease up your uncooperative gardening shears with car wax.

Make your gardening shears work again with car wax

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You know, so you’ll be ready for the zombie apocalypse.


And keep them from rusting by storing them in a pot filled with builder’s sand with a little bit of motor oil mixed in.

Builders sand + Motor oil = Rust Free Tools

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Who thought of this one?!


Put a coffee filter at the bottom of a pot to keep the soil from coming out the drainage holes.

Place a coffee filter at the bottom of a pot to keep soil from spilling out

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Duh! Why didn’t we think of this?


Upcycle a milk carton into a watering jug by poking holes into the lid

Watering gardening hack with an old milk jug

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This a much easier way to water those second story plants!


Here’s an expensive way to keep your fresh cut flowers fresh, add some vodka to the water.

Use vodka to make cut flowers last longer

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Find out why, here:

But we don’t think they need the Goose…


And just for fun, when Halloween comes around…

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Cut eye holes into toilet paper rolls, put glow sticks in them, and place them in your bushes.


Know of a good gardening hack that isn’t listed above? Share your gardening knowledge with us in the comments!

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