Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re not careful it will creep up on you and find you unprepared for that perfect gift for Mom. Mothers can be the hardest people for whom to shop. Even though you know so much about Mom, figuring out what you can get her that she would really love can be a puzzle. This year, is here to help with a selection of great gifts for Mom. Here are some of our favorite ideas to inspire you:


1. Something Pretty for Mom’s Window. Does Mom ever mention that keeping her window looking green is a challenge? Giving her an arrangement of high quality UV-resistant flowers like our Outdoor Artificial Azalea Arrangements will solve her window gardening problems forever. Of high enough quality for professional use, these all-weather arrangements bring all of the beauty of living plants to window boxes without any of the maintenance required. You can even purchase a window box to go with the arrangement and present a complete outdoor container that’s ready for mounting.

Artificial Azalea Window Box Arrangement

2. The Art of Bonsai. Bonsai trees are beloved for their beauty, and many people find caring for them to be rewarding and even therapeutic. Growing a bonsai indoors can be easy with a complete kit like our Dawn Redwood Forest Bonsai Box. With this gift, Mom will get everything she needs to plant a small forest of easy-to-care-for bonsai, including the grow box, seeds, scissors and gardening tools.

Dawn Redwood Forest Bonsai Box

3. Sweet Seed Sentiments. Looking for a garden gift that will touch Mom’s heart? The Flower Giving Wishes Gift Set will send her sweet wishes and give her six different types of flower seeds to place in her garden. Each of the seeds is placed inside of a colorful container with a different wish printed on the lid. Mom will even get a pencil and stakes for labeling what’s what in the garden.

Flower Giving Wishes

4. A Greeting for Guests. A year-round wreath is a wonderful gift for Mom that will instantly make her front door the most attractive one in the neighborhood. Our Square Wreath with Live Succulents is a popular choice and makes a bold statement with more than 30 plants assembled in a lush square. You can even add a wreath hanger to your order, so that Mom can hang up her gift right away.

Square Wreath with Live Succulents

5. Containers for Any Room. Not quite sure where Mom would like to place a planter? A ceramic or clay bowl planter in a neutral color like our Rosemary Bowl Planter will work in many different spaces due to its simplicity and versatile design. Mom can plant many different types of succulents, vines or flowers inside, fill it with faux flowers or even float candles in one.

Rosemary Bowl Planter

6. Help for Growing Her Garden. Any avid gardener can always benefit from a new set of high quality tools. With a set like our 3-Piece Garden Tool Set, you can give mom three essentials that she can use from spring until autumn to keep her garden and flowerbeds well maintained. It’s the perfect choice for Moms who prefer more practical presents.

This Three Piece Gardening Tool Set is Perfect for Beginners

These are just six of the hundreds of products carries. Our collection of window boxes, pots, planters, terrariums and gardening supplies is sure to have something special that Mom will love. Explore our collection and find out more about these products to get your Mother’s Day gift on its way in plenty of time for the holiday!

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