Keep Gardening All Year Round with These Seed Systems

Growing vegetables, herbs, and spices does not have to an overly complicated tasks. One obstacle that stops many people from attempting to grow their own veggies and plants is winter. Many people believe that there is a short window of time in the middle of spring when you should begin growing your plants. If you miss this opportunity, then you will have to try again next year. This is simply not true. Using various indoor seed systems, you should have no problem starting your seedlings any time of the year. No matter where you live, you can plant, nurture, and grow your herbs, spices, and small vegetables or fruit indoors during the colder months using the following seed systems.

Start Growing Veggies Indoors

With our conventional and organic grow boxes you can start the growing of vegetables indoors, any time of the year. This box, measuring 18 inches in length, contains a seed kit that includes seeds for Tom Thumb peas, red Russian kale, and mini carrots – with enough seeds in the kit for two full sets of crops. You also get quality growing medium and a handmade bamboo lid that can used as a drainage tray underneath the grow box. You get everything you need to get started with your own assortment of healthy veggies.

Large Planters for Serious GardenersElevated Herb Planter Box

If you plan on starting a large variety or quantity of plants in the garage or outdoors, you may need something larger. Take a look at our raw cedar Elevated Herb Planter Boxes. These large, potting table style planters can accommodate all your herb growing needs without back breaking pain from bending down to tend to plants. With 8 separate compartments, you can grow a variety of herbs and edibles that stay safe and sound elevated ~30″ away from snails, slugs and other hungry bugs. Due to the size of this planter, it is best suited for use on a patio or porch; the size makes it perfect for growing in a sunroom or glass-enclosed porch.

Small Gardening Kits

For those wanting to start simple, with a smaller indoor kit, we have a few other options to consider. Our Alpine Strawberry Garden-In-A-Pail is a cute little setup that will allow you to grow your own strawberries. You will get the seeds needed to grow Alpine strawberries that are capable of growing up to 15 inches with lovely heart-shaped leaves and flowers that can measure up to 5 inches.

Basil Herb Kit - Grow Herbs from Seed

Progress: Day 8

Basil Herb Kit - Grow Herbs from Seed

Progress: Day 13

Basil Herb Kit - Grow Herbs from Seed

Progress: Day 17 offers a vast selection of seed starting and herb kits you can buy online. In just a few weeks time you will have thriving baby plants and herbs you can grow right in your kitchen window. Click Here to shop seed kits and all-in-one grow boxes.

Whether you want to grow herbs or an assortment of vegetables, we have multiple options to get you started. Growing indoors is easy, if you choose a container that will fit an area that gets a decent amount of sunlight. Most of the seeds included in these kits require a moderate amount of sunlight throughout the day. Keep them in place and remember to water them as needed; within one to two weeks, your seedlings should begin to sprout. Browse the rest of our site today for additional growing ideas and tips, along with a wide selection of gardening supplies and outdoor decorations.

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