Enhance the Beauty of Any PVC Window Box with Faux Brackets

Instantly boost the exterior aesthetics of your home with easy-to-install composite PVC window boxes. If you already have window boxes, then bring more beauty to your display with faux brackets. The combination of PVC window boxes and faux brackets can help create a gorgeous outdoor display.

Learn more about how to use faux brackets and PVC window boxes to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Why Should You Choose PVC Window Box Planters?

What are the benefits of using PVC window boxes over other materials? Unlike wood, PVC does not rot. You do not have to worry about moisture and weather damaging your planter.

Cambridge Window Box (XL) w/ Cleat Mounting System

XL Cambridge No-Rot PVC Flower Box shown with XL Decorative Brackets

We have a great collection of no-rot PVC resin planters and window box brackets for you to choose from. These PVC planters are handmade using a wood-alternative material called cellular PVC. It looks like real wood. But, unlike real wood, it will not crack, twist, or rot.

Browse a wide variety of styles and designs. Find the perfect vinyl window boxes to complement the décor of your home.

What are the Benefits of Using Faux Brackets?

After you have chosen a PVC window box to hold your plants, you should take the time to find matching faux brackets.

These brackets help bridge the transition between the exterior of your home and your window planter. Your window boxes look as if they are a natural fixture of your home. This creates a more elegant look for your outdoor plant display.

You can find faux brackets to match any style or décor. If you want a traditional look, then consider our XL classic faux bracket. Affordable and made from cellular PVC, these accessories will bring out the beauty of your window planter. Purchase two brackets for planters between 24 and 48-inches in length and 3 or 4 brackets for longer planters.

Lancaster PVC Flower Boxes

Lancaster No-Rot PVC Flower Box with Petite Classic Faux Brackets

If you have any of our petite or standard size window boxes, our petite classic faux bracket will be the perfect fit. Also made from cellular PVC, these brackets can easily be attached to the bottom of your planter with PVC adhesive or wood screws. For a more pronounced look, we have elegant faux brackets.

How Do You Choose the Right Window Box Brackets?

The style that you choose is up to you. All of our brackets are primed white and ready to be painted. You can match them with the existing color of your window box or leave them white for a simple, yet classy look.

These brackets are not required for mounting your window boxes. Though, faux brackets do add detail to the exterior of your home. We have made it easy to select the right match for your home.

Simply choose your window box, add two or more brackets of your choice, and then check out. Once you receive your items, you can easily install the brackets using any PVC adhesive.

Get started on your new outdoor display. Start browsing window box brackets and planters to create a stylish window or railing garden that will never rot.

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