Outdoor Artificial Azalea Plants and Flowers

Save Money Going Faux with Artificial Azalea Plants – No Maintenance, No Problem!

Display gorgeous flowers year-round with no maintenance or watering. How is this possible? With beautiful artificial outdoor plants from WindowBox.com!

Our current crush is on our Outdoor Artificial Azalea Flowers, which look incredibly realistic. Plus, you save time, water, and money. They can easily be added to your outdoor window boxes or indoor planters and do not require regular care. You do not have to worry about them wilting, sagging, or dying. No maintenance and no watering – the perfect solution for those with busy lives or with a “black thumb”. 

“So lifelike nobody could tell they’re fake!”

Decorate Year-Round with Fade Resistant Faux Flowers

The beauty of adding faux flower arrangements to your home or commercial property is that they appear just like real flowers. No one will be able to tell they are fake without careful inspection. Our customers joke that they water them periodically just to keep the neighbors guessing!

All of our artificial flowers and plants are constructed by hand out of quality PolyBlend materials. A lot of detail goes into every flower petal and piece of foliage. There is a wide selection of plant varieties to choose from, plus we also hand select custom arrangements by request. Whether you’re partial to blooms or prefer lush greenery, WindowBox has something for everyone.

In order to retain this lifelike appearance, our outdoor plants are UV protected. They also resist fading, sagging, and wear from constant exposure to the sun, rain, and extreme weather. This means you can decorate the exterior of your property year-round with beautiful containers, worry-free.

Artificial Azaleas Made for Window Boxes and Planters

Faux flowers are available in a variety of arrangements. We offer artificial azalea plants made the perfect size for window boxes and planters. These lifelike faux flower arrangements can be displayed indoors or outside, as they are inherently protected from damaging UV rays.

Window Box Artificial Flower Arrangements

Flower box arrangements starting at $39.97

Our outdoor artificial azalea arrangements are available in a variety of lengths. You can spread the vines out to accommodate your window planter. Choose from a variety of vine sizes to fill your window box. It is incredibly easy and fun to play around with the arrangement to create your own outdoor flower display.

It is not always easy to find the time to water your outdoor plants. This includes window boxes mounted along the exterior of your home. Over the course of the summer, your outdoor flowers may not receive enough water. This is not a problem with artificial azaleas.

Along with window boxes, you can use your vases, planters, and bowls with artificial plants. Our vibrant outdoor artificial red azalea bush or pink azalea bush will brighten up the entrance to your home. For a more neutral appearance, you could choose the artificial cream azalea bush.

Want an extra full, lush look for your containers? Mix and match bushes and vines for the mounding and trailing effect. We even offer flowerless azalea foliage vines that are ideal for filling in any holes in your arrangement. Branches are flexible, so you can bend to desired shape after installation.

Available in flowerless (all green leaves), pink, red, or cream-colored flowers.

Dress containers under windows in white flowers, fence planters with red, or create balcony privacy with thick, green plants like the flowerless azalea vines.

No Maintenance or Watering

As with all of our fake plants, you save time and money with artificial azaleas. No more time spent checking on your flowers and the soil. You will not have to spend money on excess water, soil, or fertilizer.

With no maintenance than an occasional brushing or dusting and no irrigation, faux flowers are the perfect solution for anyone that is tired of caring for real ones.

Purchase different plants separately and design your own flower arrangement or check out our DIY arrangement kits so that you can put your display together in minutes.


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