Venetian Tapered Wrought Iron Railing Planters

Refresh Windows and Balconies with Venetian Tapered Elegance

Windows and balconies looking a bit drab? Refresh walls, windows and balcony railings with beautiful iron planter boxes! The Venetian Tapered Planter Boxes have a handcrafted, old-world style that stands out helps draw attention to your flower display. You can easily add elegance and class to any property without breaking the bank. Window boxes and railing planters are an elegant way to create your own personal oasis while breathing beauty into your abode. Discover how straightforward it is to use the Venetian to decorate your home throughout the year – with 9 different liners to choose from, you can change your look every 5-6 weeks!

Years of Use with Durable Wrought Iron Window Box Planters

All of our detailed tapered window box planters are constructed from durable wrought iron and feature a powder coat to increase strength and resistance to rust. You can keep your window flower boxes on display all year-round. Check out these beautiful window box photos our customers sent us of our Venetian for ideas and inspiration:

Wrought iron window boxes are rust resistant and intended for consistent outdoor use. You can enjoy years of use without any major signs of wear and tear. And for easy touch-up, remove and spray iron cages with Textured Black Rustoleum spray paint, it’s a perfect match! Purchase multiple replacement liners to give your garden a new look whenever you like.

Now that you’ve fallen in love with the Venetian’s sophisticated ironwork, explore the many liner options offered with tapered cages below or contact us with any questions.

A Wide Selection of Liner Options

The Venetian Tapered Iron Window Box is a great option for adding more class and old-world charm to your home or commercial property. The tapered design helps draw the eye up – towards your flowers. Not only is this planter durable and elegant, you can choose from a variety of liner options. 

PVC and Metal Window Box Liners

The Venetian comes with a liner of your choosing. Time to pick your favorite liner and get planting!

We have eight different planter liners for you to choose from. Along with a beautiful Venetian tapered window box, you can select the liner of your choice. This includes vinyl, PVC, copper, and a variety of colors in galvanized steel.

We all know window boxes go on windows, but how to install window boxes on railings? Below you’ll find recommended hardware and brackets for wall and rail mount applications, plus, there are even more products on our website that may also work for you.

Use Rail and Balcony Brackets to Bring Color to Many Locations

Hardware For Installing Metal Window Boxes on Walls

Bolts for Wall Mounting

Along with mounting your planter under your window, you could use rail and balcony brackets to bring color to other locations. Whether you have wooden deck rails or are working with wrought iron railings, there is a way to install these window boxes on your rails.

*Wall Mounting: Install the Venetian Iron Window Box Cage using the strip built into the back of the cage. Hardware can be placed anywhere along the entire length of the cage for secure mounting to wall studs or to wooden fences and gates. Recommended: 1/4″ Diameter Bolts (add lag shields for brick/masonry installs)

Metal Railing Brackets For Installing Metal Window Boxes on Railings

Metal Brackets for Railings

*Metal Railings: We have brackets specially designed for nearly every metal railing shape and size. These Rail & Balcony Brackets work on square or round railings in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 5 1/2″ and do not require drilling into the railing–a major plus for renters and condominium owners dealing with stringent HOA regulations.

*Wooden Deck Rails: Bedeck your deck without drilling into rails or balusters using our railing planter brackets made to fit 2×4, 2×6 or 2×8 nominal railing sizes.

Heavy Duty Cable Ties For Installing Metal Window Boxes on Metal and Iron Rails

Secure Cable Ties

*Unique Shaped Rails and Added Security: A nearly universal fit for all railings are our Heavy Duty Cable Ties. They work just like standard zip ties you see at local hardware stores, but ours are reinforced with steel inside the black protective plastic covering. Cable ties will not damage railings and are the most secure way to hang metal window boxes . To remove railing planters you have to cut the brackets themselves, preventing theft and vandalism.

Add your Venetian tapered window box to your balcony, deck railings, fences, blank walls, or even your garden shed. You can extend your outdoor flower display to other parts of your home.

Rail and balcony brackets are easy to install and available in various sizes. Measure your railing and then choose the correct size.

The Perfect Option for Those with Limited Gardening Space

Tapered Iron Window Box with White Metal Liner - Venetian Style

Venetian w/ White Galvanized Liner

Tapered Iron Window Box with Real Copper Liner - Venetian Style

Venetian Window Box w/ 100% Real Copper Liner

With the Venetian tapered window planter boxes and balcony or railing brackets, you can add plant life to the smallest of spaces. You don’t need access to an exterior wall or window. You can simply add your window box planter to the end of your balcony.

Rail and balcony brackets help give your window boxes more versatility. You have more options for installation, instead of simply mounting below your window. Adorn fences and dividing walls, create an oasis right in your backyard filled with alluring trailing flowers and vines. Add decorative lanterns for a bit of evening illumination in your balcony container garden.

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