Fading Flowers in Your Window Boxes? Get UV-Protected!

Who doesn’t love real flowers and fresh, leafy greenery? But live plants, though beautiful, aren’t always the most realistic or cost-effective solution for adding charm to your home or business’ exterior. And that’s where artificial plants comes into play: not just any kind, but the UV-protected variety. But what advantage does UV-protected plants have over live or even silk plants when it comes to your window box arrangements?

They Won’t Fade, Rot, Freeze, or Burn in Any Climate

Gone are the days of buying expensive live plants that look beautiful for a week or two but then succumb to ruin by water rot, the blistering sun, frost, or pesky insects. Unlike live plants, UV-protected foliage is made from an industrial-grade polyethylene blend with UV-protection built into its design, making it resistant to fading, warping, rotting, and insect infestations. This means that these plants are ideal even for harsh climates, as they will retain their color and construct even in the scorching heat and freezing cold.

Fade-Resistant Artificial Geraniums

They are Perfect for Hard-to-Reach Areas

Our weather-resistant faux foliage doesn’t need special soils and fertilizers, water, or trimming to maintain its appearance—all of which are often challenges for window boxes in hard-to-reach areas, like second story windows and balconies. And while silk flowers may mimic real flowers more closely than UV-protected flowers, sacrificing a bit of realism for durability is worth it, as silk flowers that are left outdoors will fade almost immediately. On the other hand, our colorful UV flowers won’t fade or decay, and will look beautiful and realistic at a distance, whether perched in a window box or a hanging basket.

Weather-Resistant Artificial Buckler Fern

They are an Ideal, No-Maintenance Way to Add Instant Curb Appeal

For those dark corners that don’t get sun, or sunlit corners that never see shade, UV-protected faux plants that won’t wilt without water or fade with full sun are the solution for your window boxes. For those places where the sprinkler doesn’t reach to water, and it’s difficult or impossible to hand water, UV-protected faux flowers and greenery are often your best bet. And for people who travel frequently, they don’t have to worry about paying someone to care for their plants while they’re gone. These “all-season” artificial plants add curb appeal by bringing natural beauty and color to your home, condo, or apartment—rain or shine—and without the maintenance and cost of live plants.

Lovely, All-Season Faux Azalea Vines

Want Help Creating Your Favorite, Fade-Free Window Box Looks? Check out These “Recipes”

Need help bringing your dream window box to life? To assist you in picking just the right mix of UV-protected florals, greenery, and vines, we have created do-it-yourself “recipes” for our most popular window box looks. Our Mixed Bougainvillea & Gardenia recipe includes cascading purple bougainvillea vines set off by pops of bright gardenias on a rich, leafy green backdrop. Choose a window box size, from 30″ to 72″, and we will include just the right amount of vines, gardenias, and shrubs to create the look. Use your own window box for the arrangement, or include one in your order from our wide selection of styles and materials.

Artificial Mixed Bougainvillea & Gardenia Recipe for Window Boxes

Azalea Window Box Recipes

Geranium Window Box Recipes