Fearless Four Season Window Box Planters

Whether it’s the middle of winter, the heat of a blistering summer sun, or a good drenching from Spring or Fall showers, if you live in a part of the country that includes four distinct seasons, read on. Without a doubt, harsh weather can take its toll on window box planters. We have three suggestions for high quality window box planters. They are all made from weather-resistant material, that is durable, long-lasting and handsome! After all, when looking for flower box ideas that will bring you the most bang for your gardening buck, you want to make a wise investment. You want them to boost your home’s curb appeal in a stunning presentation, and last for years to come.

The Power of PVC Window Box Planters

PVC window boxes have many attractive features that provide season after season of quality use. They resist weathering from extreme temperature fluctuations while maintaining the rugged integrity of the material. PVC planters are lightweight yet remain very strong. This feature lets you move them easily when replanting or rearranging. PVC is non-toxic, is fire resistant, and very cost-effective. Window boxes made from PVC material are exceptional imitators, too, as they mimic the look of wood. They are made from (PVC) boards that are trimmed, cut and mitered, just like a wood window box. Yet, PVC boxes are unaffected by weather extremes. And termites and other pests have nothing to do with PVC planters. Plus, they can be easily customized  and painted.


Phenomenal Fiberglass

Fiberglass flower boxes are also lightweight and durable, possessing a great ‘weight to strength’ ratio. Made from a glass fiber mix, fiberglass planters have flexible properties, making them ideal when custom shapes are required. Our fiberglass planter box collection offers small but mighty artistic embellishments such as the crown molding look on the Lancaster, Supreme or Petite Supreme Window Boxes. Many people love the distressed or reclaimed look of our Urban Fiberglass collection too. Regardless of the style you prefer, the remarkable qualities of lightweight fiberglass flower boxes make them rugged and durable, mimicking the look of wood without any of its downsides. Like PVC, fiberglass planters resist cracking, chipping, warping, rotting and molding – all conditions that can occur during storms, blizzards in winter, or the blazing sun of summer. This rugged durability of fiberglass window box planters make them one fearless product that lasts and lasts. They are easy to install and lengths can be customized from this fortified and fearless material.

Vivacious Vinyl

Vinyl window box planters are an affordable alternative to higher priced materials while still holding up to summer and winter’s weather extremes. Impervious to all kinds of inclement weather, the vinyl planter box offers ease of installation and built-in reservoirs. Available in standard colors such as white, black, clay, green, red, granite and mocha, each vinyl planter box provides years of use, is lightweight and will maintain it’s attractive good looks for years to come.

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  1. Cindy from MyGardenGifts
    Cindy from MyGardenGifts says:

    An excellent article! Fiberglass planters are suitable for permanent outdoor use and many come in finishes to suit your outdoor needs. While it can imitate the look of actual concrete planters, fiberglass planters are lightweight solutions to consider for your garden planting needs. They are easy to move around. I enjoy landscaping my yard using fiberglass planters and also balance with some PVC planters for my herb plantings.


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