Three Ideas for Gardening Enjoyment

My mother was one of the plant ladies on our block. Her thumb wasn’t just green, it was made from chlorophyll. Almost every plant she ever had thrived. And it didn’t matter where she planted them or what container she used. They thrived. Spider plants went from the ceiling to the floor. She had a wide palm plant that eventually graduated to tree status. Her succulents were…well, succulent. She had an entire room as well as a decent-sized back yard to dedicate to her plants and flowers. Even now, she has a smaller version on her porch and there’s a plant in every room of her home. And still, they thrive.

Unfortunately for me, I have neither the space or the ability. That trait must skip a generation because my daughter has the thumb. My gardening efforts are much smaller in scope both from desire and necessity. When I’m planning my small space gardening efforts I keep three things in mind: combine, grow up and hang. Confused? Read on.

1. Combine

I love using fresh herbs when I cook, so I have a decent herb garden going most of the year. However, instead of having each herb growing in individual pots that take up a lot of space, I have combined my herb plants into one container. My oregano and basil do not mind coexisting next to each other, and my mint and cilantro are becoming fast friends. I also combine like-minded plants in the same container. For example, spider plants, ferns and bamboo all like humidity, so they thrive in the bathroom and will happily live in the same container. At least for a little while. While bamboo grows up and spider plants grow down, ferns tend to try and take over a space. They’re the plant divas.

2. Grow Up

My mom was a fan of talking to plants, but “grow up” wasn’t something she said to them. I’m talking more about plant placement and less about a gentle suggestion. If you are short on space, instead of spreading your garden out, consider expanding it up. Pallet gardening is a great way to grow a lot of plants in a small space. You can also repurpose over-the-door shoe caddies and use them to house your plants. I also lump hanging plants into this category. You can suspend all kinds of planters from your ceiling, from the traditional macramé plant holders, to your reconditioned aluminum cans or plastic soda bottles.

3. Hang

Now, I know you’re thinking, “You just covered hanging plants. Why are we talking about it again?” Well, we’re talking about it because once again, I’m thinking literally. When I say “hang” I don’t mean from the ceiling. I mean hang on the wall. Like a picture. You can use tin cans or some other container and hang your plants on a wall, and create a living, thriving wall covering. As you might imagine, vines would be ideal for such an idea, but any plant that likes to crawl would work. However, I wouldn’t go this route in rental.

See, combine, grow up and hang can help you enjoy gardening, regardless of where you live. And when you’re ready to give these or other ideas a try, has the plant containers and living wall planters you need to design the garden you’ll love. Browse online or call toll-free to work with a friendly gardening expert: 1-888-427-3362

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