Window Box Hacks for When You “Can’t Even”

Gardening. Can’t deal? No worries—we’ve got you with these window box hacks. Whether you’re new to the plant game or just an impatient gardener (like me), these hacks will give you easy-to-care-for, instantly beautiful window boxes that don’t need to be babysat.

First things first: get the basics on choosing the right window box, basic gardening tools, and healthy plant soil. Then read on for which plants to choose and how to use window box liners that will make your window boxes, and the plants that live in them, healthy and beautiful, season after season.

Choose Low-Care, High-Impact Plants

When it comes to selecting plants for your window box, it’s really dealer’s choice: you get to choose your own “recipe” that looks good to you. Having said that, not all plants and flowers thrive in a window box environment. You also have to think about the “design” of your window box—which plants grow low and wide, which ones bloom tall and proud, and which ones spill out in gorgeous cascades. This is the “thriller, filler, and spiller” principle of window box design.  A bit more on this can be found here.

Now that you’re ready to fill your window box, here are some plants and flowers that are low on care but high on visual impact:

Drought- and heat-tolerant. Blooms prolifically, winter and spring.


Fast-growing; lush, cascading vines.

Sweet Potato Vine

Thrives in heat; drought-tolerant; blooms continuously.

Summer Snapdragon

Drought- and heat-tolerant; adds texture to window boxes.

Agave Plant

Drought- and heat-tolerant; easy to propagate.


Beautiful, cascading leaves; grows well in sun or shade


Grows well in confined spaces; great for full sun window boxes


Acts as a natural pest repellant for all plants in its vicinity


Great for partial and full sun window boxes; attracts butterflies

Red Verbena Hybrid

Thrives in full or partial sun; has a lovely, light fragrance

Sweet Violet

Get an Easy-to-Fill, Long-Lasting Liner

Now that you’ve selected your plants, let’s talk planter liners. Why is using planter liners for your window boxes considered a hack? Because not only are they easy to work with (fill them in your garden, garage, or anywhere you don’t mind making a mess) but you can drop them right into your window box and you’re ready to go. They also protect your window boxes from mildew and insects, keep your soil moist longer, and add to the aesthetic appeal of your window box. At, we offer cellular PVC liners, vinyl liners, coconut coir liners, and metal liners. Which is right for you? Let’s find out:

When to choose vinyl liners

The most economical choice, vinyl window box liners can be used inside a window box or on their own as plastic planter boxes. Our Medallion Vinyl Window Box is made from long-lasting PVC, and is available in white or terracotta. And since these vinyl planter liners are a great low-cost option, choose them for when you’re just starting to flex your window box gardening muscle, but aren’t yet ready to commit.

When to choose coconut coir liners

Made to use in hayrack window baskets, coconut coir liners are the perfect way to complete that “cottagey” look for your windows. Our coir liners are made from 100% real coconut husk fibers that have been woven together to make a thick, natural window box liner. They drain well, and help to prevent root rot (which, if you’re like me and tend to over-water your plants, will really help!) The coco fibers are environment-friendly, and contain nutrients that support healthy soil. They need to be replaced every six months, but since they are priced significantly lower than other liners, getting new ones once or twice a year won’t break the bank.

When to choose PVC liners

Our PVC planter inserts are so durable that they can be used on their own or inside a window box. Made with white cellular PVC, which can easily be painted to complement any décor, these liners have a higher price point than vinyl or coconut coir liners, but they—and, in turn, your window boxes—will last for years to come. Choose PVC planter liners when window box longevity is what you’re after.

When to choose metal liners

Metal window box liners are made from galvanized steel that has been powder-coated for additional protection. They are especially popular for use in aluminum and wrought iron cages, since their modern metal style makes them a great design accent. Available in bronze, real copper, silver, and black, these liners have a sophisticated yet simple style that can also be showcased on their own as window boxes.

Keep ‘Em Comin’ with More Gardening Hacks!

Whether you’re just getting started as a gardener or you just like keeping things simple, we are here to help with even more low-maintenance-gardening tips. For instance:

  • Don’t want to water your window boxes that often? Make them self-watering with our planter reservoirs.
  • Looking for a mini-DIY gardening project that’s even less involved than these easy window boxes? Check out our ready-to-go gardening kits.
  • Want a hanging indoor garden that’s super cool and ridiculously easy to maintain? Browse our line of terrariums.

Need more gardening advice or help with your order? Contact our window box experts today by calling 1-888-427-3362. Got gardening hacks of your own? Share them in the comments below!

Photo credits of flowers/plants (top to bottom and left to right): Care_SMC, Karen DeSanno, Dinesh ValkeadrogersamTim Samoff, Vince Wingate, Muhammed Ali, Denise Allen, Philip Bouchard, Patrick Standish.

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