Fall Planter Ideas to Bring Seasonal Charm to Any Home

The changing of the seasons provides the perfect time to redecorate your planters. With new colors, plants, and flowers, you can easily create seasonal charm. In this post, we’ll show you how to accent your home with window boxes in autumn colors. Get started now with these simple fall planter ideas.

Get Inspiration for Your Fall Window Boxes

To get inspired and find window box decorating ideas, look around the neighborhood. Go for a walk or drive. Look at the colors of the leaves and the plants in the area. Observe the leaves turning from green to yellow, to orange, and then to red or brown, the colors most associated with autumn.

You can also find items to include in your display, either in your own yard or at a local park. Collect branches, twigs, and interesting leaves that you find. Any and all of these items can be used to accent your display.

Fall Flowers to Brighten Your Arrangement

While twigs and dry foliage can be used for accents, the flowers and plants that you choose will be the focal point of your window gardens. Choose bright, autumn flowers that add contrast.

Perhaps the most popular flower choices are mums and pansies. Both of these flowers come in a variety of autumn colors, including yellow, orange, and red. The sizes also vary, so you can find the perfect fit for your planter.

Flowers are not the only option: fall is also the time for pumpkins and gourds. Again, you have plenty of sizes and shapes at your disposal. Visit a local floral shop or pumpkin patch and choose several for each planter.

As you start collecting flowers and foliage, consider the amount of space in the planter. With the 24-inch New Haven Window Box, you could easily add a couple plants. Keep in mind that most styles are available in various lengths, or with custom sizing to meet your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Window Box for Your Display

The planter you use is also an essential part of the display. You can create a contemporary, traditional, or rustic display, all depending on the type of window box.

For example, the Standard Lancaster Window Box has a modern, clean look. The simple, white box offers a blank canvas for your colorful autumn display.

If you prefer a classic, traditional style, examine the Parisian Window Box Planter. These wrought iron planters are handmade and coated with a black powder finish to protect against harsh weather. The result is an elegant, durable base for your fall flowers.

Along with the style of the planter, you want to ensure durability. All the planters discussed here are designed for maintenance-free outdoor use. From PVC to wrought iron window boxes, all options are built to last and easy to mount.

Decorating for the Rest of the Year

Fall isn’t the only season with a unique color palette. One of the best features of outdoor planters is having a convenient spot to build a rotating display. Think about the region where you live and the colors that you associate with each season.

During the winter, the weather may be too cold for live flowers, which makes winter the perfect time to use artificial flowers. All your favorites are available as faux flowers. Dried foliage from your fall displays could be used to accent the artificial plants.

In the spring, your planters can be used to grow flowers from seed or seedling. Delicate plants that should be kept away from pets and small animals can thrive in a raised planter or window box. As they grow, they can be transplanted to your garden or other areas of your yard.

The summer is a wonderful time to be liberal with your use of color. Try to include a variety of flowering plants. Add as many of the colors of the rainbow as possible.

Have Fun with Your Arrangement

With your window boxes in place and a selection of flowers and plants ready to go, it’s time to start creating your arrangement. Start with the largest items, most likely flowers, live plants, or gourds. Space these items out in your planter, either in individual pots or a fresh bed of soil.

Next, use smaller items to accent the larger plants. This is where you get to use twigs, branches, leaves, and other foliage. Ivy and tall grasses are also useful for filling in the spaces between fall flowers.

These same window box decorating tips can be used in other areas of your home or yard. You can even use these fall planter ideas indoors.

Each season, you have the chance to refresh the look of your home. Take this opportunity to bring more charm to the exterior.

Begin planning your new decor and remember to have fun while creating your original arrangement!

Photo credits (top to bottom, left to right): @thegreenspatula, Rachael TraubBrooke Williams, @sodacanter, and Spencer Means. 

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