Holiday Gift Guide for the Gardeners in Your Life

Whether you’re a kindred gardener spirit or can barely keep your one houseplant alive, you likely have loved ones with the gift of the green thumb. From the newbie gardener to the experienced plant tender, we have a variety of unique gardening gifts that will let them know you care this season. And hey, it couldn’t hurt to pick up a gift for yourself while you’re at it—we won’t judge.

Seed and Herb Kits

For gourmet cooks who want fresh herbs at their fingertips or young gardeners just starting out our seed and herb garden kits are the perfect gift. These kits will allow your loved ones to easily grow herbs indoors, from basil to Italian parsley. In fact, our Herbs of Tuscany Herb Kit grows an organic, non-GMO mix of Italian herbs for those “farm-to-table” friends of yours. And our Windowsill Grow Box for Strawberries will be an exciting and educational gift for the young children in your life, who will enjoy a sense of accomplishment and awe when they see the “fruits” of their labor!

Herbs of Tuscany Herb Kit


Terrariums are “so hot right now.” But besides that, they are a great gift for apartment dwellers and those living in small spaces who want to combine gardening with organic décor. If this sounds like someone—or many someones—in your life, consider one of our unique terrarium gifts. Browse the different styles, including those that hang from the ceiling and on the wall, and those that can be placed on table tops and other flat surfaces. Our popular set of three Pendant Hanging Terrariums mix glass and metal in trendy geometric shapes that are perfect for hanging indoors or out. And our Medium Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl with Moss can be used with or without your choice of vibrant-colored moss, and are the perfect modern shape to house succulents, decorative rocks and stones, seashells, and other treasures.

Set of 3 Pendant Hanging Terrariums

Winter Wreaths

Share the festive spirit of the season with a beautiful, handcrafted wreath. Our decorative wreaths are made from preserved and dried flowers and plants, ranging from lush boxwood to flowering pussy willows. Gift these wreaths to family and friends, work colleagues, teachers—everyone will love their fresh designs, which can be hung year-round on their door or used as a stunning table centerpiece for holiday dinners. The Cinnamon and Basic Cedar Wreath is made from natural botanicals in autumn colors, and offer the fresh aroma of natural cedar. Our Pussy Willow Wreath is made by artisans using locally-sourced foliage for a lovely, natural arrangement.

Cinnamon and Basic Cedar Wreath

Live Plants

Want a way to remind your loved ones of your love for them every day? A live plant is the perfect gift that lasts for months. And sure, cut flowers are pretty for a few days, but a live flowering plant will keep blooming. No wonder they say “live plants are the new cut flowers” (and yes, they actually do say that). There are so many varieties of live plant gifts to choose from: from the sophisticated Juniper Bonsai to the delicate Peace Lily in Angel Cachepot, there is a plant for every personality.

Peace Lily in Angel Cachepot

Junior Gardener Gifts

Specifically designed for kids, our junior gardener projects include seed and starter kits that help children learn how to grow their own plants, flowers, and herbs. These simple starter kits give children an appreciation of where their favorite flowers and food comes from, and give them a sense of pride when they see the first leaves and buds start to sprout. Our Butterfly Zinnia Garden-In-A-Pail combines beginning gardening skills with the beauty of both zinnia flowers and the butterflies they attract. To get your kids to enjoy playing in the dirt, our seed starter kits, like the Good Morning Glory Seed Starter Kit, has everything you need—moon flower and morning glory seeds, growing media, and planter to grow a gorgeous windowsill garden right in front of their little eyes!

Butterfly Zinnia Garden-In-A-Pail

Want to browse these great gardener gifts—and maybe find more holiday gift ideas? Visit us at or call us at 1-888-427-3362 to place an order. Want more garden inspiration, articles, photos, and more? Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!

Photo credit for featured image on blog post: Dr. Wendy Longo



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