Cool Indoor Gardening Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

Who says you can’t have fresh plants and flowers around you even in the dead of winter? Maybe this is a no-brainer if you live in a temperate climate like Southern California, but for those of you who live in the Midwest and other places where the frosty winter months make gardening outdoors impossible, you know it’s not that simple. And yet…what if it is that simple?

Enter indoor gardening. Cultivating fresh plants inside your home or office is a great way to enjoy fresh greenery during the winter, and, really, any time of the year. Imagine colorful blossoms decorating your windowsills or picking fresh herbs from your kitchen counter. Not to mention that indoor gardens are proven to help fight the winter blues.

So cozy up with a mug of tea and settle down in your favorite winter flannels while we give you the rundown on how to garden in the comforts of your own home this winter.

Work Those Windowsills

Our self-watering windowsill planters can be placed right on the window ledge, where they can soak up any stray sun rays while keeping from the cold, or on a table, bathroom surface, or anywhere you have a tiny bit of space to grow. Succulents, flowers, herbs, or your very own indoor vegetable garden—you can grow anything with these stylish planters that self-irrigate, maintaining the perfect moisture level for your plants, even the more finicky ones!

And if you have a windowsill wide enough, you can place virtually any of our window boxes on them for an instant window garden. (Just make sure to add a planter liner to prevent it from leaking!) If you want to keep them watered for weeks, add a planter reservoir, which will keep the soil evenly watered when you’re gardening indoors.

You can use window boxes for your indoor garden anywhere in your home, provided that they have access to a bit of sunlight (though check out this alternative to sunlight, made for indoor gardens).

Create an Indoor Container Garden

Create your very own indoor container garden with one or more planters. Place them in a group or on their own, on the floor, coffee table, nightstand, kitchen counter, wall shelf, or in any artful arrangement you like.

But which planters should you use for your container garden? Our shatterproof self-watering planters are ideal for indoor plants, since they come with a removable planter insert and reservoir system that wicks water up through the plant’s roots, keeping the plant hydrated but not overwatered, so you don’t have to worry about root rot!

If your home doesn’t get much sunlight naturally, check out these nifty plant light stands, which come equipped with 20-watt fluorescent lights to keep your plants thriving through the cold, dark season.

Start from Seed or Grow with Kits

For an instant garden to start from seed, you can’t get any easier or more space effective than seed kits. Our seed kits give you the option of growing herbs, mushrooms, strawberries, and lettuce on your windowsill or kitchen counter.

Living in a small apartment or other cramped space? Consider our Self-Watering Urban Grower Kit, which is small enough to place in any nook, and has a self-irrigation system built into it to stimulate healthy soil and root growth. These little beauties are perfect for a tiny vegetable garden, since they water the plant from the bottom up, preventing vegetable roots from growing in circles.

Ever wondered what forcing bulbs is about? Well, it’s a great way to cultivate spring foliage and other plants that are normally dormant in winter months inside using spring bulbs. For more information, check out our Forcing Bulbs How-To Guide.

Stay On-Trend with Terrariums

Dot mini-gardens all around your home with our table top and hanging terrariums. These little gems are not only perfectly sized for small spaces, but they are also super trendy and easy to decorate. Air plants and succulents are the ideal plants to showcase in these baubles, though you can also plant moss, African violets, spider ferns, and other bright, beautiful greenery. Get a jump on finding the best terrarium plants for you.

Keep Your Indoor Plants Warm

Even inside, plants can get damaged by being chilled during the winter, especially when it dips below freezing and you don’t have double-pained or storm windows. To prevent them from chilling, try to keep the thermostat no lower than 60 degrees. If you have plants on your windowsill, pull the shade down, or place cardboard or bubble wrap between the plant and the window.

How Can We Help Create Your Dream Garden?

Indoors or out, gardens feed the soul with their natural beauty. Even if you live in a tiny condo or cramped space, you can still enjoy the wonders of nature and the psychological benefits of greenery. We have tons of tools to help you create your very own small-space garden! Call us toll-free at 1-888-427-3362 to ask questions or place an order.

Photo credits (from the top, photos #5  and #6): and  King Tobbe.

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