Get This Look: Farm-Fresh Ideas Inspired by HGTV’s Hit Show Fixer Upper

If you’re a fan of design duo Chip and Joanna Gaines like I am, you probably have binge-watched your fair share of Fixer Upper episodes. The HGTV hit show has inspired lots of us to attempt that same modern farmhouse look that Joanna nails every episode. But I bet you’re wondering, “How can I make my home look like that without hiring Joanna herself? How does she make everything look so homey yet so modern? Also, how does she find time to make fresh-baked goods for her guests? And, more importantly, why don’t they ever eat them?!” (Or are those last two questions just me…?) At any rate, in this post I’ll show you how to get Fixer Upper-inspired décor with pieces you can find right here on

Modern Hanging Masterpieces

Fixer Upper fans know how fond Joanna is of decorating with fresh plants and other natural elements, which is why she chose these modern hanging planters to draw the eye upward while adding vibrant greenery to the space. You can do the same, especially in areas with a lot of concrete, metal, or other hard materials that could use some greenery to soften the look of the space while adding color and texture.

Our Oblong Lunar Hanging Bowl Planters can be used as hanging planters or placed on countertops, tables, and bookshelves as a contemporary design accent. Mix and match with the Sphere Lunar Hanging Bowl Planter to add even more visual interest.

Weathered is the New “New”

Patinaed or otherwise weathered planters add a bit of history, bringing the design back home from the clean, crisp lines of modern design pieces. In effect, they are the “warmer-uppers” of your space, that friendly face in a sea of strangers at a cocktail party. In essence, they have the same effect: they make you feel more comfortable and able to relax. Joanna seems to agree, since she uses weathered pots and planters in different places (such as on an end table or kitchen countertop). Copy this look with one of our weathered PVC planters, which are available in an assortment of perfectly imperfect colors.

Wallflowers That Get All the Attention

Unassuming yet undeniably eye-catching, wall planters are design accents that solve problems while they shine. Not only do these beauties break up the monotony of a white or neutral wall, but they give you the ability to add plant life without sacrificing floor space. The long, lean lines of these tall wall planters used by Joanna in her redesigns add a bit of color and style without overwhelming. Try it yourself with our Eloquence Tall Wall Planters. These resin planters are available in both brown and black, and include their own leak-proof reservoir system so that your plants will never be thirsty.

Sprouting with Style

Create your very own living wall Joanna Gaines-style with these cool wall planters. Use them as a design accent in your home office, or in your kitchen for your very own vertical herb garden. Actually, these planters can be configured in any number and design you like, allowing you to build your own green wall based on the dimensions of your space, and then pick greenery that goes with the landscape. No wonder Joanna is so fond of these types of versatile wall planters! Try this look on for size with our Naples Wall Planters, available in a rustic brown or black finish.

“Country Strong” Gardens in the Air

What would a pergola, porch, or backyard be without hanging planters? Hanging gardens bring together the hard lines of a pergola with the softness of surrounding nature. Thick, lush greenery pours out of these lovely suspended planters, bringing a pop of color and a refreshing tie-in to the great outdoors. Inspired? Our English Garden Hanging Baskets are made of commercial-grade, rust-resistant steel and include a coconut coir planter liner made from all-natural ingredients.

The Wonders of Wood

One of the other constants in Joanna’s designs is her ability to bring natural elements together with manmade…and they just work! Not only that, but they seem to balance each other perfectly. Such is the case with these wooden window boxes, which are reminiscent of those used in a few Fixer Upper designs to ground brick homes with their down-home style.

Craving More DIY Ideas?

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