Get These Garden Looks From Around the World

Get garden inspiration from around the world! We can help you get the look you’re going for, whether you’re working with sprawling acreage or a postage stamp of a patio, with these pointers on how to bring international flavor to your backyard.

Bright Moroccan Gardens

Inspired by the famous Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, Morocco, this garden is full of bold colors, climbing greenery, and decorative screens. Textured foliage like palms, cacti, and all kinds of succulents are used to add dimension. Get this look by dotting bright planters and window boxes around the landscape, coupling them with an artful privacy screen, used as a separator between you and your neighbor’s space or as a design element all on its own.

Japanese-Style Gardens

The subdued beauty of a traditional Japanese garden puts the focus on natural elements, and décor that mimics the beauty found in nature. Trickling water features and moss-covered paths are common features, as are kokedama, decorative moss balls that originated in Japan. Garden décor that uses patterns found in nature, like our bamboo-style decorative screens, provide a tranquil backdrop to this meditative type of garden.                                           

Old World European Gardens

From Provence to Tuscany, Europe’s most picturesque gardens are world-renowned. Rolling green landscapes, tumbling vines, ornate pottery and fountains are all common sights. From stately cypresses to intricately carved garden statues, these beautiful green spaces often date back to ancient times, as gardening has long been held an art form. Adding traditional-style planters, trellises for vines to climb, and Old World hanging baskets all contribute to this timeless garden style.

Modern London Rooftop Gardens

Clean lines and streamlined shapes complement a modern rooftop garden, and cosmopolitan cities like London, where every space is utilized, often grow gardens on their rooftops. From geometric planter shapes to privacy screens made of planters with hedges, every inch of the rooftop garden is utilitarian yet sophisticated and sleek in style.        

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