Sprucing up Your She Shed: Curb Appeal Tips for Your New Hangout

Ah, the infamous “she shed.” The backyard escape for ladies around the world. What goes on in these “man caves” for women? Well, anything they like: rest, work, play, and everything in between. Just as there are all kinds of women out there, there are also all kinds of she sheds, ranging from modern to quaint, from tiny to a tad larger, and from fully furnished to housing just the bare essentials.

Since each shed’s interior décor is unique to the “she” in question, its exterior should also reflect the same design sense. Here are some ideas on how to outfit the exterior of your she shed to make it as beautifully “you” as possible:

Add Window Boxes

Once you have your she shed painted and trimmed to your liking, it’s time for embellishments, like window boxes. Just like for your home, when choosing window boxes for your she shed, it’s wise to consider architectural style and color complements. For example, a quaint cottage or farm-style she shed might look great with hayrack window boxes, whereas a cleaner, more modern structure would look better with a contemporary window box, like the Lancaster or the Breckenridge.

Place a Few Planters & Pots

Make your new lady shed as inviting as possible for you and your guests (read: those you allow in your sacred sanctuary) by adding a touch of greenery. Flank doorways with tall planters, line the side of the shed with colorful pots filled with flowers or herbs, or create your very own container garden. Using planters and pots is the perfect way to keep your she shed landscaping simple while still making it look homier than a place that merely houses garden tools and whatnot.

Create a “Lift” with Hanging Baskets

In the same vein as planters and pots, using hanging baskets to decorate your she shed’s exterior will transform the look of your shed from utilitarian to unique and inviting. Hanging baskets with overflowing flowers and trailing greenery brings green beauty up to eye level and above, giving your place a visual “lift.” Choose from natural hanging baskets or more modern styles.

Bring in a Bench for Relaxing or Entertaining

Extend your she sanctuary’s seating area to the outdoors with a lovely outdoor bench. Make it part of the exterior by placing it along the side of the shed, or create a casual nook in a place with a nice view or under a tree for an afternoon reading under the sunlit leaves. Add a table and some chairs to create a small sitting area for you and your guests.

Warm it up with a Wreath

The ultimate “home and hearth” symbol, the wreath, is a great décor accent that will create an instant homey feel for your she shed. Used indoors or out, on the door of your shed or as wall décor or centerpiece for the interior, one or more wreaths add colorful, textural charm to the environment. Our assortment of wreath designs range from the modern farmhouse-style boxwood to the vibrant hydrangea, and many unique styles in between. Browse our wreath selection to find just the right look for your lovely lady abode.

Light Your Way with Lanterns

Cast a warm glow on your walkway, create an “under the stars” experience, or simply use them to dot your she shed landscape: lanterns have so many uses. Especially if you choose to not have power in your she shed, you can use a decorative lantern to light your summer nights when relaxing in your oasis away from home. Both candle-lit and battery-powered lanterns are available in an assortment of styles.

Garden Décor for She Sheds and Other Small Spaces

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