6 Summer Refreshes for Small Outdoor Spaces

Ah, summer. The backyard barbecues, the festivals and fairs, the white legs and farmer’s tans. It’s a time to get outdoors and enjoy all that the sun-filled season has to offer. It’s also time to think about your outdoor space: is it a sanctuary ready for relaxing and entertaining? Or is it filled with dead leaves, dirt, and dusty lawn chairs? If your answer is the latter, you may want to give your yard, patio, or balcony a summer refresh with these small space tips that are all about form and function. And the best part? They’re afternoon DIY projects at best, so you won’t waste any sunny days working when you should be playing! Enjoy!

#1. Get Creative with Window Boxes

Many think of window boxes as just window dressings, but there are so many ways to use these mini garden boxes! You can place them on balcony or deck railings, patio walls, and on the ground as garden borders.

Weather-resistant and impervious to water damage, our White Modern Window Boxes have a simple, streamlined shape that looks good with any home style, from traditional to contemporary. Also available in black and bronze, our Modern window boxes are made from lightweight fiberglass that won’t rot or crack even in extreme heat and frost conditions.

Turn any window box into a railing planter with deck rail brackets that install in minutes and provide sturdy support to heavy window boxes.

#2. Add Instant, No-Maintenance Greenery

DIY lovers! Flex your creative muscles with these multi-purpose boxwood mats.  Attach them to walls and fences and create a privacy screen that doubles as a modern accent. Place them in a line and use them as stepping stones through your patio or garden. Made from artificial, UV-protected boxwood, these mats are fade-resistant even in full sun.

#3. Create a Layered Effect with Plants & Flowers

What better way to elevate a small space garden than to literally bring your planters to the next level. Ornately decorative planter stands and caddies allow you to place planters in an artful arrangement, with trailing vines and greenery pouring out of planters on top and a lovely line of planters underneath for visual balance. And rolling planter caddies make it easy to move heavy planters around (up to 250lbs!) until you find the right place for them. Locking wheels hold them in place, and their decorative patterns elevate the look while doing double duty as drainage holes.

#4. Use a Garden Bench as Extra Seating

An easy way to add instant beauty as well as extra seating to your outdoor space is with a garden bench. Made from outdoor-grade materials, our garden benches are available in traditional and modern designs. Perfect for decks, patios, entryways, yards, and porches, they can also be used as decorative planter stands. Choose from wood benches made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus to rust-resistant metal benches.

#5. Make Your Yard an Outdoor Oasis with Garden Screens

There are so many ways to use our outdoor privacy screens, and with 10 designs and two sizes to choose from, you can mix and match them to your heart’s content! Cover up electrical boxes, trash cans, and other unsightly views with them. Use them as filtered privacy screens when the neighbors are too close (or too nosey!). Made from 100% Australian hardwood, they look beautiful left natural, but can also be painted in your favorite colors. Add them to balcony rails and cover fences to create height for added privacy, or simply use one or two as a decorative backdrop in your small patio.

#6. Bring Your Garden to Eye Level with a Vertical Planter

Create a wall garden on any vertical surface—wall, fence, or railing—with our vertical cedar wall planter. Plant succulents, flowers, herbs, or trailing vines within the five tiers of this wall planter. Made from fine-grained hardwood, it won’t warp, crack, or become damaged from weather, and since it’s made from cedar, a natural insect repellent, your plants will be safe from infestation. This gorgeous wall planter is the perfect solution for people with small outdoor spaces who still want to enjoy fresh greenery, but don’t have the floor or ground space for it.

Where to Go for Your Summer DIY Projects

From planting a container garden to planting a window box herb garden, we have all the tools you need to transform your small outdoor space. Visit us at www.windowbox.com or call us with your questions and orders: 1-888-427-3362.

Photo credits (top to bottom, left to right): @katiemacdesign, WindowBox.com (six photos), Kimberly Chau, WindowBox.com (six photos), and GNK Landscaping. Blog featured image:@katiemacdesign
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