2019 Gardening Trends to Try This Year

With the new year already underway, we are seeing some clear gardening trends emerge for 2019. Now’s the time to try something new in your garden, so why not try one of these trends on for size?

DIY Greenhouses

Keep your plants warm and away from pests with a greenhouse of your very own. Greenhouses keeps the heat in and prevents it from escaping into the air, providing a more temperate environment for plants to thrive. Grow your own vegetables and fruits, plants, exotic flowers—whatever you want! With the popularity of edible gardens on the rise, it’s no wonder that this is a trend for the new year.

Some DIY greenhouses to try:

Plant Parenting

According to Garden Media’s Garden Trends Report for 2019, millennials were responsible for 31% of houseplant sales in the past few years, and this number is on the rise as this generation delays decisions such as buying a home, getting married, and having children. This trend, dubbed “plant parenting,” allows millennials to nurture a living thing, all while enjoying the anxiety-reducing benefits that plants have to offer. Just what type of plants are popular? Annette Gutierrez, owner of the garden store Potted, told the Los Angeles Times, “A lot of millennials live in apartments and don’t have gardens….They buy a lot of succulents, hanging plants, and airplants.”


According to Garden Media, composting is the “new recycling,” and is responsible for reducing household waste by nearly 40%. But the benefits of composting are endless: it creates a nutrient-rich soil additive, reduces and sometimes eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers, and reduces environmentally harmful methane emissions.

New to composting and want to know the basics? Check out our Composting for Newbies guide.

Looking for a kitchen composter? Check these out:

Insect-Friendly Spaces

With the risk of global extinction hanging in the air for pollinators like bees and butterflies, providing a safe haven for these insects is on a lot of people’s minds. Why does it matter? According to The Guardian, insects are pollinators that are responsible for most of our fruit crops as well as the majority of wild plants. They are also the base of thousands of food chains, meaning their demise could spell the demise of countless other animal species—not to mention that about one-third of the food we eat depends on these pollinators.

Though these few facts may seem overwhelming at first, many are doing their part to create insect-friendly spaces like butterfly gardens and bee hotels in their own gardens, allowing insects a place to find food, shelter, and safety.

Want to join the “protect the pollinators” movement? Check out these adorable and eco-friendly bee houses:

Gardening by the Moon

Yes, you read that right:  when it comes to gardening in 2019, many are looking for lunar inspiration. What was once a tradition steeped in superstition, moon-phase gardening is now getting a scientific makeover, with people looking to lunar cycles and how they have been proven to affect plant growth. The basics of moon-phase gardening is to plant plants with above-ground crops during the waxing moon phase, and plant below ground-bearing crops during the waning moon. The thinking behind these gardening theories is that the pull of the moon affects soil moisture, bringing water to the surface at certain times and also aiding seeds in water absorption.

Grab All Your Gardening Tools for 2019!

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