Window Box Herb Garden

Grow Delicious Veggies and Herbs in a Kitchen Window Box

Put that Sunny Kitchen Window to Work!

Sunny windows or balconies can be transformed into your own herb and vegetable garden with our vast selection of window boxes in sizes from 24” – 72” in length. Choose from wrought iron, fiberglass, composite, wood or copper.

Choosing the Right Size Planter Boxes for Your Windows

When choosing a size, be sure to measure your designated space first. Measure from left to right, noting any space constraints. You want to choose a planter size that is at least as wide as your window, with no more than 4″ of overhang on either side (you can choose a size up to 8″ wider than your window). This will create a display that is appealing to the eye, adding attractive curb appeal.

Need more help finding the right window box?

Window Box Buying Guide

no time? no yard? no problem.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to get healthy food and have fun in the process. Whether you are a first-time gardener or a master, knowing what to plant, where to plant it, and in what quantities will all combine to create a successful garden. Additional elements to consider include whether to use raised beds, what items you may want to grow from seed, and what items you might want to transplant. Learn more on How to Plant a Companionable Vegetable Garden in our Companion Planting Chart.

small space gardening solutions

Find everything you need to create an oasis right on your patio or balcony. We find clever solutions for creating gardens in small, urban and indoor spaces.

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