Planting an English Garden? Here’s What You’ll Need (Including Small Space Solutions)

Does reading about Jane Austen’s Pemberley incite visions of taking a relaxing stroll through your own lush English garden? Do you picture yourself gliding your hand across thick green foliage as you walk lazily down a gravelly garden path, studying the multi-colored flowers and soaking up the sun while on the lookout for Mr. Darcy? Of course, […]

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Thinking Outside The Box: Grow Beets That Thrive in Raised Beds

Sweet, colorful and packed with nutrients, beets are an unbeatable summer vegetable. You can pickle them up for a star side dish at the 4th of July barbecue, add them to a summer salad or even grill them alone or on skewers. Beets are a great beginners’ veggie as they’re not hard to grow and…

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Garden Humor: In Case of Zombies...Summer Garden Checklist for Year-Round Success

Summer Garden Checklist for Year-Round Success

When someone wants to begin gardening, they usually garner some gardening tips from gardeners with more experience. This advice could range from the sensible to the snobbish to the ridiculous, as there are hundreds upon thousands of opinions that one gardener could have about gardening when it comes to their own DIY garden. The best…

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Take a page out of this happy snowman's book - celebrate the coming of the Holiday Season!

Simple Steps to a Decorated Home with Christmas Cheer

Simple Steps to a Decorated Home with Christmas Cheer Of all of the many activities that come with the Christmas season, one of the most stressful and most rewarding can be decorating your home. For Christmastime, buying and organizing all of the supplies and finding the perfect place for each item in your home, not…

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