Planting your living wall takes mere minutes. This is also a fun kids gardening project!

Living Wall Planters – From Re-purposed Wine Crates!

A unique and attractive concept, living wall planters will surely get noticed by visitors and guests. Whether you need to spruce up a business or bring more life to your house, a wall mounted planter is definitely distinctive. It is amazing that we do not see this concept being employed more often. When space is […]

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CSA boxes support local farmers and are a healthy addition to your diet.

Non-Profit Feature: Homeless Garden Project

In Santa Cruz, California, on a 3-acre organic farm, an extraordinary garden project is living and thriving. Above and beyond the berries, beets and broccoli of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), the Homeless Garden Project brings hope for a brighter future. Community Gardens, Community Growth Most people are now familiar with the CSA concept and its…

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Lasagna Gardening in 5 Simple Steps

Lasagna gardening represents a form of gardening which helps you create rich soil from organic waste, relatively quickly and with minimum effort, allowing you to create a garden even in areas where the soil has a rather difficult composition.   As it requires adding layers of organic waste over the soil, this form of gardening…

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