Organic Gardening at Home

There was a time when every home had a small garden plot filled with various veggies and greens that simply had to be collected and brought to the kitchen for dinner. Americans moved away from that model years ago, but home food gardening is making a huge come back. Vegetables grow in nearly any sized […]

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Window Boxes are great for growing kitchen herbs.

How to Use Window Boxes Indoors

Here at, we’re appreciating the beauty of window boxes in new and exciting ways – won’t you join us? For all their charisma outside, it’s no wonder we see window containers emerging as an imaginative indoor planter option. And the possibilities don’t stop at flowers and herbs: From creative window box storage, to artful…

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Composting 101

On today’s sustainable growing scene, organic gardening tips are plentiful. And one that always comes up is the composting bin. But what of the inexperienced gardener left wondering where to begin? Well, newbies thirsty for knowledge, we welcome you to Composting 101. Let’s launch our learning from the most basic spot – a definition (courtesy…

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Front Garden Ideas

To establish curb appeal, spot-on front yard landscaping is a must. It’s the first thing visible to guests, passersby and, perhaps more importantly, you see it everyday. So, make it beautiful and make it yours from sidewalk to stoop. What’s Your Style? Pinpoint preferences first by understanding what you like and, just as decisively, what…

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