Using copper boxes means no warping, rotting, cracking or wear and tear - just a beautiful patina!

Gardening with Copper Window Boxes

Container gardening is a growing trend across the country, and for good reason. Using ground containers or window boxes allows gardeners of all levels to enjoy beautiful flowers and plants year round in an environment free of many of the dangers and pests found in conventional gardening. Container gardening can take an extra stylish turn […]

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Ready to plant viola flowers

10 Colorful Container Garden Plants

Container gardens are a fun way to add color nearly anywhere in your landscape without having to build permanent, costly beds, but even the best container flower gardens will lack pizzazz without great garden plants.  No matter what kind of containers you’ve got, from copper-lined window boxes to ornamental planters, plants can add a riot…

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"Marvelous Mandevilla"

Announcing the Best Window Boxes of 2013!

Calling all container gardeners: The results are in for the 2013 Window Box Contest, and what a year it was. Our winners showcased everything from vinyl to copper window boxes with botanicals ranging from impatiens, to verbena and snapdragons, oh my! We’re overjoyed just thinking about it. Our sincere thanks go out to all who…

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