Mounting Bolts & Window Box Hardware

Window box hardware is not included with your flower box purchase (except fiberglass and vinyl boxes which have special brackets). We offer four packages of window box mounting brackets and bolts (sold separately) that cover over 90% of the mounting occasions homeowners face today.

Typically, window boxes should be directly mounted to studs in the wall beneath the window via direct drilling in the back of the box or the use of an integrated cleat system. This spreads the weight evenly and securely against the wall. Alternately, you may prefer to use window box brackets.

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Window Box Hardware Specially Designed for Window Box Planter Installation

While some of our window box planters come with their own hardware, some do not. Fiberglass and vinyl planter boxes have cleat mounting systems included. However, you will need to order separate window box hardware for the rest of our planters. Further, if you choose to install window boxes to balconies or deck railings, you will need to purchase railing planter brackets specifically designed for these adaptations. This is true even for window boxes where window box brackets and bolts are included. For standard flower planter boxes that require window box hardware, however, we have a solid selection of sturdy and durable brackets, nuts and bolts to choose from.

Window Box Brackets That Get The Job Done

Our hardware section contains several categories of window box hardware for attaching your planter as follows:

  • Hardware designed for tapered iron, hayrack or aluminum boxes
  • Hardware designed for our Estate Collection PVC boxes attaching to stucco, wood, hardyboard, shake or vinyl (with wood studs as support) -- as well as to bright and masonry
  • French cleat hangers used for everything from hanging window boxes to cabinets to wall art
  • Deck rail planters bracket kits designed for railing window boxes Balcony deck rail brackets for balcony planters

Window Box Brackets and Bolts to Install Your Planters

In cases where you are mounting your planter box either beneath the window or flush against the wall, they should be mounted directly onto wall studs using detailed drilling instructions in the box back (or using integrated cleat systems.) By drilling and attaching hardware to the stud structure, the window box is solidly fixed so the weight is uniformly distributed. When using other kinds of hardware for specific window box planters, installation instruction is available online and/or is included with the hardware packet envelope you select. The type of lag bolts and/or bolts - shields needed are very specific to each home and your contractor or handyman should be consulted to insure your box is secured to your home's exterior. For additional information or questions about which hardware packet you need, please contact our customer service department.