Plant Stands & Caddies

Propel living beauty with rolling plant stands in attractive designs. Wheeled planter stands are a mobile display case that will take your favorite arrangements where you want them, and do so with ease. Many gardeners use a rolling plant caddy as a combined accent and functional means of getting containers from one spot to another.

Adding a handy plant caddy with wheels makes it easy to rearrange your plants, protect from harsh weather or scoot out of the way for cleaning. Choose from cast iron, plastic and wooden plant stands with wheels, each featured in an attractive and durable design. Shop flower pot holders, caddies and plant stands online, or call toll-free for more information: 1-888-427-3362

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Choose a wheeled plant stand from the elegant designs supplied online at A metal plant caddy is a smart way to display pots and planters, as it looks chic and can move about at the turn of a wheel. Many of our customers find rolling plant stands to be efficient and attractive for their indoor and outdoor container gardening.

Plant Caddies and Planter Stands in Many Materials.

Plastic, wooden and cast iron plant stands with wheels are available in various alluring designs. For the admirer of traditional details, wrought iron plant stands and cast iron plant stands with interesting ornamentation appeals to classical tastes. they are also a robust base for heavy pots and planters. The wooden wheeled plant stand takes on the recognizable form of a utilitarian dolly. Made from cedar, these are great for outdoor gardening and landscape projects where new plants and pots are brought in for the season. Leave the planter stands out for display or reserve them for functional use only. A cedar dolly is also a great way to transport tools and materials from garage, to shed, to garden, and back again.

Plant stands with wheels make moving plants from one location to the next easy - simply stated. However, rolling plant caddies can also add decorative value. On a patio, using these plant stands with wheels to elevate certain pots and planters amidst others at ground level will add depth to your landscape. And with such beautiful designs, these pieces fit right in amongst lovely green and flower arrangements.

Let a Plant Caddy do the Heavy Lifting

Depending on the style, each wheeled plant stand is designed for a different weight capacity. At their most sturdy a plant caddy will support up to 250 pounds and still be able to roll. This is ideal for large potted plants that need to be moved and stored at the end of the season. Just get them onto the dolly, hit a flat surface, and make an easy wheel into end-of-season storage spaces. Let our plant caddies and stands do all the heavy lifting, while continuing to look great on their days off.

To make lovely plant displays and keep your lower back pain-free, consider plant stands with wheels. Please click on individual products above for more details.