Spinner Composter with Sliding Door

Spinner Composter with Sliding Door


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Product Description

Backyard Composters:

  • Ideal for backyard farming and gardening
  • Do your part for Mother Earth and your plants!
  • Composter spins for hand-free mixing

Product Overview

Composting allows you to create healthy fertilizer for your garden and helps minimize your impact on landfills. With this Spinner Composter, you'll be able to store your composting materials without relying on compost bins or piles. The spinning design coupled with the fins inside help to break up larger pieces to create the perfect consistency for the most beneficial fertilizer. This garden composter holds seven cubic feet and features an easy sliding door for quick access. The recycled plastic is rodent proof, making sure you know you are using safe materials for your plants, herbs, flowers, and vegetables each time you use the contents.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 39"L x 33"W x 36"H (w/ frame)
7 Cubic Ft Capacity

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