Custom Window Boxes

Get the long flower box you've been looking for with this range of ~60-72" window boxes. These extra long flower boxes look fantastic under wide windows, on expansive balcony railings, along fences or placed on planter stands. brings you curated collections of oversized window box planters and custom flower boxes made from wrought iron, fiberglass, PVC composite, vinyl, aluminum, cedar wood and more. Metal containers often have versatile liner options, and our PVC window box planters can be accented with optional decorative corbels. Ever-chic, black window boxes and custom planters can be found in our fiberglass and vinyl collections.

Add 60" custom window boxes for 5 linear feet of planting space for flowers, small shrubs, herbs and other edibles. Need more space for your plants? Browse more sizes or request a quote for large custom window boxes, made specifically for your space.

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Custom Window Boxes


Custom Window Boxes Provide Grace and Beauty For All

Having crafted handmade window boxes for decades, our experienced artisans bring the same expertise and attention to detail for custom window boxes and planters that we bring to all the products we make. Believing there is no such thing as a "standard window" we offer custom made window boxes for those homes requiring unique solutions for beautification. Since architectural challenges vary, sometimes from one story to another, we can create custom flower boxes to match a particular design element of your home. Custom window planters may be required to fit either an undersized window, oversized window, even uniquely shaped windows such as round, peephole, or triangle shaped frames. Besides looking for additional features on a planter, such as color, finish, iron embellishments on custom made iron window boxes, raised or flat panel changes, unique window sizes and shapes are often a frequent reason people need custom creations.


Custom Window Boxes

Unparalleled Craftsmanship on Standard and Custom Planter Boxes

We carry a generous inventory of PVC composite, fiberglass, copper, hayrack troughs, alongside wooden planters, and others, in standard widths, lengths and depths designed to fit nearly any window size. Yet, because customers may want a unique adaptation, we can fulfill any design requirement. Whether it's for a trough planter with a brand embellished on the side, an aluminum window planter that you may want deeper than the average wells, a cedar planter box that you'd like metal bands around a particular portion, we can deliver. Further, we can customize size and paint finish, drainage holes, specialty shapes and designs such as color matching brick ledges. We can even craft custom wooden window boxes for bay windows or dormer windows, providing unique solutions to any space.


Custom Designed Railing Planter

Window Boxes Are For More Than Windows

While you may have considered custom aluminum flower boxes to adorn the front and sides of your home, there are other creative uses to boost your home's curb appeal and value. Window boxes can also decorate unsightly walls, fences, balcony railings or even arrange on the floor of your deck. Add specialty brackets for balcony railings to create a coordinated, cohesive design theme. Dress up a basic window planter box pre-populated with artificial foliage for a fun winter theme or go for a tropical mix of UV-protected plants built to last many sesasons to come. For live plants, add self-watering reservoirs to keep plants hydrated for weeks at a time - perfect for busy lives or those who travel frequently. Without a doubt, we can create the custom window box design of your dreams. Or, shop the hundreds of styles and sizes we carry online.


For a no-obligation quote, or to work directly with one of our skilled professional designers, please call 888.427.3362 to discuss your next project.

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