Garden Décor & Accessories

Get garden decorations to create an outdoor experience that is bursting with personality. At Windowbox, the selection of lawn and garden decor features items to appeal to the eye of outdoor enthusiasts. Weathervanes, flags and lanterns make lovely garden accessories that exude warmness and charm. Or add a trellis for some vertical variety. Whichever garden decorations catch your eye, accessorizing outside adds a fun-loving spirit to accompany favorite plants and flowers.

Have fun sprucing up your exterior with lawn and garden decor, brought to you online by Products, pricing and shipping information are available by clicking on categories below.

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Add gorgeous garden accessories to create an exterior you will love to live in. Whether enjoying a sunset with the family or entertaining neighbors in the summertime, garden decorations bring a little extra something to any home. Online at Windowbox, our customers will find lawn and garden decor like lanterns, flags and trellises - something to suit a variety of displays and tastes.

An ever-popular piece of lawn and garden decor is the lantern. The selection featured above includes designs with colored or clear glass. Lanterns provide casual garden lighting to encourage a comfortable and easy feeling outside. Al fresco dinners, cocktail parties and barbeques will all benefit from the charming ambience created with alluring lanterns.

Amidst the chirping of crickets and frogs, garden accessories take their cues from outdoor elements. Take the weathervane for example. This device is derived from both barometric and decorative intent, making it interesting to look at and talk about. Like an alluring vase inside, garden decorations make wonderful conversation pieces to enjoy talking about with neighbors, family and friends. Weathervanes are sold in various styles and sizes.

Our selection of flags makes noticeable and festive lawn and garden decor to match seasonal themes. For the merriment of the winter holidays a flag is fun and easy to hang alongside the front door. Combine with favorite evergreen wreaths and other cold-weather arrangements and your home will radiate the warmth of the season. Mounting brackets are also available for separate purchase.

In addition to garden accessories that exist apart from plants and flowers, Windowbox also offers a selection of garden trellises that assist with growing. For an interesting display of potted plants, our small, medium and large Crown Trellis is an easy addition to terra cotta pots. Their rounded bars are elegant to look at and also provide guidance and support for small climbers. Trellis screens in a traditionally loved rectangular grid are also offered - a great way to add vertical dimension and new plant species to your repertoire.