Mason Bee Bottle

Mason Bee Bottle


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Product Description

Help increase the bee population, while giving your garden an edge in productivity, with this mason bee house. Mason bees are serious pollinators, a fact which can help increase your garden's yields and overall health. Additionally, bees are needed to pollinate our main food sources, and increasing their numbers will help farmers from all over keep up with the growing demand for healthy fruit and vegetables. This bee house will attract the bees, while your plants will help keep them active and healthy all-season long. It's a win-win for both you AND the bees.

Product Overview

Why Mason Bee Tubes?

Mason bees are among the most docile species out there, so you won't mind having them buzzing around your yard - even if you have children or pets. They are not quick to sting, and they do not have venom like many other pollinating varieties, so they are much less likely to cause a severe reaction on the off chance they do sting. Aside from their general friendliness as far as bees are concerned, they're also excellent pollinators. A single mason bee can pollinate the same amount as nearly 100 honey bees! The bottom line: you want these bees around.

Good for You, the Bees and the Environment

Our bee houses are made from upcycled beer bottles, so you're reducing landfill waste while giving the bees a cozy space to build their homes. Mason bees naturally "build" small mounds in cracks and crevices, and our habitats are made with that in mind, offering numerous tubes in which the bees can follow these natural instincts. They also have a felt hanger and grommet for easy hanging virtually anywhere, and you'll get a guide on which plants will help attract the bees to your garden. If you need any questions or need tips for your upcoming garden, just give us a call and we're happy to help!

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 3"Dia. x 8"H

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